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I am getting Tired of this..

BottledWaterBottledWater Member Posts: 241
edited August 2018 in Off-topic

I am getting tired of gens being done within one chase.
I am tired of entitled survivors Dc'ing after seeing that i play clown and ruining the experience for me and the other survivors and they won't even be punished of it.
I am tired of survivors thinking they're entitled to all the buffs.
I am tired of being forced to use Ruin on lvl 3 to play a killer that isn't Nurse.
I am tired of getting the pale rose r cooldwind farm maps, they aren't enjoyable they're a pain to play they look horrible and they are a unbalanced as hell.
I am tired of the devs taking a step forward and then two steps back, I first tried to shugar coat the upcoming changes but nah i have given up with this they are what they are, a horrible idea.

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