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Legion rework idea

I have always wondered about the Legion. I've understood the reason why the named them that. "We are Legion, for we are many." I don't understand why they made the ability Frenzy for them. Sure its fair in many ways but yet a bit too Fair and average. Most killers have an ability that is unique and related to the killers personal skills, like how survivors perks are related to their personal skills. If the all four characters of the Legion count as one killer then why not use that as an ability. That's why I am introducing a new concept called "Strategize" and "Execute." The Legion cooperates with one another to execute perfect plans to capture a survivor.

Strategize: This would be the Legion's first ability. Of course he can only use it three times(skin set ups does change the others set up, like the default skin would be Frank who is the original leader. If you change the skin to another member of the Legion[mask does not count] then Frank will be set to be part of the Execute.) The player orders the other three at specific locations to hide and prepare for the Execute. The members will hide in any available spot but not to close to hooks. They can be told to stay in lockers or if they are told to hide in a open area a shroud of mist will cover them. If a survivor finds them then the killer will run off but also notify the killer of the survivor and any other nearby survivors of their location.

Execute: The player orders one of the other members to start dashing forward. If any survivors are in the way they will be put into the injured state and gain the bleeding effect like survivors get when they are hit by Frenzy. If the survivor has already been put in the injured state the member will put the survivor in the dying state and pin the survivor to the closest wall to keep her/him there for the killer. The members cannot run forever though, they have a range of 25 feet. The member may also be stopped by a flashlight,pallet or firecracker.

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