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Is it possible for a Five Nights at Freddys Chapter



  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 3,579

    I mean i wouldn't mind it i just have difficulty seeing it work

    If they manage to pull it off and make it decent i would deffinitivly buy it

    I do like Springtrap

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 232

    The problem is the weapon, they also couldn't just take the springtrap from pizza simulator, even tho he has his needle arm, since the style wouldn't really match Dbds. (look at that giant head 👀)

    They'd have to find a solution on how he would attack the Survivors, a weapon would look kind of silly imo if it would be a knife or axe. Punching could work but..

    What would his abilities be? There's not much they could do, I think?

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    An idea for the power, if it was springtrap let him be able to teleport to lockers (similar to freddies power) but give him like, a super attack if he "jumpscares" a survivor. For weapon just a sharpened rusted claw. If they went with almost any other animatronic, give them a drag ability, an ability that catches a survivor and holds them in the kidnapping hole in their chest or suit

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,048

    Maybe a FNAF map would be really interesting but I don't see how a killer would work. Plus we already have a Freddy.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,048

    Also SCISSORMAN should come before anyone else because ... he's the bestest man's there is.

  • PyroGLPyroGL Member Posts: 228

    I'm surprised, I would think people would be more open to the idea of a FNaF chapter. I gave it a little thought, and think a FNaF chapter could look something like this (rough concept, I'm sure it could use lots of work):

    New Killer: The Cast

    The 4 original cast members (Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy) all spawn randomly on the map and are in an Idle mode. In idle mode, all the bots emit a low level TR (16 m). They do not move, but will always face you (similar to the statues in the Sanctum of Wrath). The killer player would begin by always controlling Freddy, and he becomes active at the start of the game. The active cast member would then have a normal TR (32m).

    Killer Power: The killer's power would work by taking control of the different cast members one at a time. The killer can move and position each cast member and then put that bot into idle mode at will. When all 4 cast members are idle, the killer can cycle thought the sight of each cast member and would be able to see and hear from that cast member's perspective. The killer can choose to control that cast member though a short channel, and would be allowed to move and chase survivors. Or they could cycle to the next cast member to scout what is going on in that location. The most recent cast member that was put idle would need a cooldown period before being eligible to be active again. Each cast member could additionally have a special passive:

    Freddy - breaks pallets much faster

    Bonnie - vaults windows much quicker

    Foxy - While idle, TR shrinks to 0m and can hear much further (think a super version of stridor and insidious). For 10 sec after becoming active, Foxy is undetectable.

    Chika - can enter lockers and use them to teleport to other lockers on the map with her own special cooldown (basically like Demogorgon).

    Mori (this one is wacky, I know) - The 4 cast members jumpscare the survivor 4 times in quick succession by popping behind or from the sides (might need to be a first person perspective mori). This results in the survivor simply having a heart attack and dying. Obviously, this would not change the actual locations of the cast members.

    Basically the idea would be an extreme map pressure killer that is sort of everywhere at once. You could essentially trap survivors by strategically placing cast members in places they will run to, or put them next to objectives to scare the [BAD WORD] out of survivors since they often know they are being watched.

  • ElvenmonkElvenmonk Member Posts: 367

    And I'm going to shoot all the Zombies did? L4d and dbd are both wildly different

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 1,228

    Notice that we only got a Left 4 Dead survivor and no zombie killers. Why? Because it wouldn't work with the game...

  • EJmurdermainEJmurdermain Member Posts: 109

    Look a great deal of kids play mature games including DBD, Black ops, Witcher you name it.

  • WhTe_Tygre_DBDWhTe_Tygre_DBD Member Posts: 295

    I said this and people said they don't want it, idk why bcus I like this game

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 1,228

    It just doesn't fit at all.

    It would completely ruin any atmosphere and horror to see a giant robot bear running around and hitting survivors. The premise doesn't fit with Dead by Daylight's themes.

  • AjritokaAjritoka Member Posts: 599

    They’re more than robots though. They’re possessed by the spirits of murdered children. The Entity can control spirits, just look at Rin Yamaoka.

    Besides, I think William Afton would make a better Killer. He’s the one who murdered the children.

  • AjritokaAjritoka Member Posts: 599
    edited January 2020

    William Afton uses a knife to kill a police officer in the first book of the novel series. He stabs the officer while wearing the spring-lock suit, It’s implied that he used a knife to kill others before.

    If not a knife, maybe he could hold a removed spring-lock.

  • VolantConch1719VolantConch1719 Member Posts: 1,003

    If it wasn't for FNAF introducing me to horror, I would probably never look at DBD. If it wasn't for DBD, I wouldn't be the horror fanatic I am now. If for no other reason, I would like a chapter for that.

    Outside of that reason, taking a look into the actual lore of FNAF shows that it is MESSED UP. You have a business man going around in a yellow rabbit suit killing kids, whose souls end up possessing the animatronics, eventually hunt down the business man, trapping him in the completely unsafe suit he was wearing, before being melted down into other animatronics which eventually end up burning in a fire in the sixth game, along with that same business man, his daughter (who was indirectly killed by him), and his first victim who was responsible for possessing the animatronics in the first place. I've missed so many details it's not even funny. This is not kid stuff.

    William Afton (the business man) could easily be taken by the Entity during that final fire (he's literally told that the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow him whole). Give him his rabbit suit (I think the FNAF3 suit would be best) and a knife (or whatever he used to kill, I can't remember if it's specified) and come up with a power. Could easily be a paragraph (I don't think there's enough to make a chapter here, no Survivor, maps aren't big enough, and we all know the biggest complaint of Ghost Face's "chapter").

    And to those that don't think he would fit in to the current cast... uhm... Let's see here... We have a gang of teenagers, a Babylonian priestess, a dream demon, a largely naked, chopped up, blue ghost lady, a clown, a mad scientist doctor, a psychopath newspaper, a samurai, and a literal monster from another dimension. A psycho in a rabbit suit would fit in just fine, and Huntress has so many skins that change her mask, I see no issue there.

    Now for the admitted issues FNAF has. As said before, it would have to be a paragraph (which would mean 2 Survivor Paragraphs with Bill and Ash and 2 Killer Paragraphs with Cannibal and Afton) unless BHVR wants a repeat of Ghost Face's bad publicity. Second, the FNAF fanbase is one of the cringiest things that exist. Slightly better than Fortnite's, but not by much. That would easily drive people away. And making a unique power would be pretty hard (not that BHVR seems to care with Ghost Face and Oni being a mix of existing Killers). Finally, Afton is really the only character who could realistically fit in the game. Yeah, there's the animatronics, but they don't really have much in terms of backstory that Afton has.

    So to end this, do I want a FNAF chapter? Yes. Do I think one will ever happen? No. Not in the near future at least.

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 232

    There's the movie coming in 1, 2 or more years. They could instead of using the springtrap in the games, use the springtrap in the books or the movie, if the movie isn't based of the game. Would be better since the design/model of springtrap from the games don't really fit in DbD. The only thing missing would be his power, the only thing I can think off would be using the phantom animatronics, but again, this would be too silly.

    And as said above he would kind of fit in the lore with being a possessed animatronic with a rotting corpse in it.

    And if it'd be a full chapter, they also could just make Charlie's childhood home into a map since it was left to rot if I remember correctly. And Charlie herself a survivor since we know kind of how she looks like because of the Freddy files and the not long ago released graphic novel of the first novel.

    I just have such mixed feelings on that topic. Sorry if I'm annoying you by changing my views. 👀

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 899

    God please no

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314
    edited January 2020

    I'm personally turned off by any FnaF related ideas. (This isn't targeting what you said, it's more-so to relate about the main question the OP asked)

    Don't let my disinterest dishearten you though, it's just not something i'd be personally interested in... FnaF was more of a fad than a horror story tbh. And over the years its become commercialized and... other things people don't like have happened to it.

    I'd prefer not starting fights on what i'm referencing, but people will get the idea of what I mean. The point is, like what you like, but I personally don't like the idea of a FnaF chapter ever being brought to DBD.

    Like many (Aka most people on the internet) I was there to see the fad at the start, but I never stuck with it because it made no sense to me. And over time it became more of a commercialized concept than a horror story... it just wasn't something that interested me.

    again, just an opinion is all... no hate or anything towards anyone or what they like.

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  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 1,228

    I agree. I was never really convinced of FNaF having any true horror aspects to it.

    To me it seemed quite overhyped and gimmicky.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314

    I think like many things in... (I don't remember when FnaF was a thing, 2016? 2014?)

    Anyways, like many things in that time, stuff would be overhyped by popular figures... which would than lead certain concepts to be more popular with an audience that was already fans of certain iconic figures on the internet.

    (This entire conversation has me treading on thin ice tbh, so I'll just leave it at that, again, just an opinion).

  • Dr_doom_j2Dr_doom_j2 Member Posts: 869

    So you want people.... To not form opinions of things? Is that what this breaks down too?

    There are more than 3 good reasons off the top of my head why this chapter doesn't work based on game lore

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314
    edited January 2020

    No, what he means is he doesn't want people to judge each other by what they like... and actively tell them why they hate that concept in a judging way.

    You can criticize people and disagree with ideas, just don't be a jerk about it is all. People are entitled to like whatever they want, but when someone attacks another or judges them about what they like... than that's a bit much.

    Again, criticism isn't the issue... it's just how people judge and attack others IS the problem.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 6,162

    possible? certainly.

    IF Scott says yes and the DbD crew wants it, its gonna happen.

    do i want this? no.

    for me that would be nothing but cringe, honestly. FNAF is one of these games that have been copied and overused sooo many times, its really just annoying to see a Freddy Fazebear somewhere, imo. and thats a route i wouldnt really want DbD to go.

    also, the FNAF characters dont fit the Devs idea of humanoid killers, so they are very unlikely to ever get added. but then we also got Demogorgon, sooooo...

  • EninyaEninya Member Posts: 1,247

    Springtrap would be the most reasonable character to use as the killer, and I'm sure they could just invent a survivor.

    As an idea, you need more substance in line with their source material. Yeah, you can maul the survivor with M1, but what would their unique power be? I'm pretty sure any fans already know what the mori would be.

  • AjritokaAjritoka Member Posts: 599

    Humanoid means human-shaped, not human. That’s why Behaviour was able to make The Demogorgon a Killer. So an animatronic could still work, especially a possessed one.

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 810

    I remember my first time playing FNaF was when I was in fifth grade, over five years ago. Since then, I've stuck with the series, despite never really playing the games. To be completely honest, the gameplay of FNaF does get stale quickly, and I think that's why many people completely diss the idea of a FNaF chapter in DbD. However, if it wasn't for FNaF, I probably wouldn't enjoy horror at all, and I certainly wouldn't be playing or ever have played DbD.

    That being said, I will essentially always defend the idea of a FNaF chapter, regardless of how many people do/don't want it. It's no secret that the DbD community has VERY mixed opinions over a FNaF chapter, and that's perfectly okay. In this thread, you've probably already witnessed what I'm talking about. Instead of saying why a FNaF chapter isn't that bad of an idea, I'm going to try my best to disprove many of the common criticisms (from this thread) of a FNaF chapter, and then provide a general/vague concept for how an ideal FNaF chapter could work. If I leave out someone's post, it's either already been covered, will be covered, or genuinely true criticism (I guess all criticism is valid to an extent).

    NOTE: No hate goes out to anyone I criticize here.

    "Its very hard to add a killer whos entire shtick is not moving when being looked at"

    There's more to them than just that. If you were to try to develop a FNaF chapter solely on FNaF's gameplay, then it would almost be a guaranteed flop. There's not much to take from there. The lore would most likely be better to draw a power from. As for what the power could be, it depends who you want to use.

    The most requested killer by the FNaF community has been William Afton/Springtrap, who defies the "not moving when being looked at" shtick, so that's who I'm going to use when talking specifics (Powers, perks, etc). For Springtrap, he could use the Phantom animatronics seen in FNaF 3, or he could have more of a supernatural power, like one based off children's souls, or even his own soul! There's been plenty of concepts thrown around, so I won't go too deep here. There's definitely more than what meets the eye when it comes to FNaF, and I've seen it forgotten all too much.

    "So I’m guessing you guys want a Fortnite chapter?"

    This isn't criticism as all, but please, please, please, don't say stuff like that. Many Dead by Daylight fans completely and unjustly berate FNaF's supposedly child-like and toxic audience, but when people say stuff like this, it just antagonizes themselves. FNaF's community has its bad apples, but its no secret DbD's does too. It's perfectly okay to have opinions and share them in a respectful manner, but when stuff like this gets thrown around, it becomes apparent why many outsiders consider DbD's fanbase toxic.

    "They don't really fit in the game and i'm pretty sure it also wouldn't make sense lorewise.

    The animatronics don't really have any reason to go after survivors and the entity can't really torture robots into complying"

    Well actually, you're right. If you were to add Freddy, this would all be completely valid. However, its why many people suggest Springtrap over Freddy, myself included. In the games, Springtrap is a child murderer who murdered dozens of children in the Fazbear Restaurants. As far as I know, he died at the end of FNaF 6/ Pizzeria Simulator and then suffered in purgatory. This belief may have changed since I heard it last (feel free to correct me if so). In a way, it could make sense lore-wise. Just have the Entity take after purgatory and plop him in the DbD realm.

    When it comes to motives, Springtrap would comply willingly simply because he enjoys killing.

    "the two games are way too different"

    I will admit, FNaF and DbD have drastically different gameplay styles, but that's why many people tend to flee to the lore when making the power for a FNaF killer. It may not seem like it, but FNaF and DbD aren't too different in terms of atmosphere. DbD commonly features locations that are gritty, withered, and abandoned, and FNaF does as well to an extent (the book series definitely does). I'm not saying the atmosphere's are exactly the same, but they're similar enough to where it wouldn't be like night and day. Plus, should a FNaF chapter be added, I think the map would be one of the coolest parts. Also L4D is a zombie shooter, and we got Bill, so I doubt gameplay differences would be an issue anyway.

    "The problem is the weapon"

    I've seen many suggestions for a weapon, such as a meat cleaver, crowbar, fire axe, his hand, and more. I don't think it could be too difficult.

    There were many other things that I could have included, but a lot of them seemed too opinionated to be considered criticism, and that's okay.

    Now, how could we make a FNaF chapter that satisfies the most amount of people? This is my idea, albeit a rough draft:

    The chapter would be a paragraph, but would include a map as well.

    The killer would be Springtrap, as Freddy and the rest of animatronics wouldn't fit the game's theme as well Springtrap would. His weapon would be a kitchen knife. His power would allow for significant map pressure. His power could possibly have him use the children's souls he trapped. Or, he could use the Phantom animatronics that would apply random status effects to people near them. Perhaps he could become a ghost himself! His perks would definitely be aimed at hindering progression. Generators, in a way, are like FNaF's power system, so that could be handy when designing his perks or abilities. Springtrap's persistence is also something that defines him. This could translate nicely into an obsession perk that could affect both the killer during a chase.

    The map would have to be Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but it would be heavily altered from its main appearance in the first game. First of all, it would be very withered down. Big chunks of the concrete walls missing, wall paper missing, tables flipped/ on their side, dusty, you get the idea. Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica would all still be on stage, although deactivated and slightly withered, with holes in their suit and wires dangling, as well as some other missing parts.

    Obviously the pizzeria itself would be too small, so the outside area could be included as well. It would mostly be trees and other foliage, with some small houses and the shack along the outer perimeter.

    A generator would always appear in the locations backroom (like the bathroom gen on "The Game"). Should this generator be repaired, the stage lights would turn on and the power would be restored to the main dining area. The animatronics would also turn on and give a stage performance that would last about ~2 mins. This stage performance would be loud, and its initiation would trigger light beams to shine in the sky from the location's entrance (they would turn off after the performance ended), and short sound cue of rock music to be heard across the entire map (like the boat horn on the swamp).

    I understand that a FNaF chapter is a very controversial topic, and it's probably not likely that we'll get one (atleast until the movie, and even then its a stretch), but I can always hope. My theory is that Scott Cawthon has already approached BHVR, but BHVR has already turned him down due to it being such a controversial topic within the DbD community. Hopefully, I could shed some light on the topic or possibly even convince you! If not, I get it. Everyone has their own opinions, and it's okay to share them as long as we respect them.

  • Umbrae_pkUmbrae_pk Member Posts: 482

    I hope not. FNAF doesn’t mix with DbD at ALL!

    Then again, neither does Stranger Things yet that still got it’s own chapter, so there’s a chance, I guess.

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