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Is it possible for a Five Nights at Freddys Chapter



  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 160
    edited January 6

    All animatronics move while you watch them, some slower than others. See FNAF Vr and any other game since they also move to rooms or halls when you stare at them.

    There are still the books you could base the chapter on. It has Springtrap, a rotten, dark animatronic suit with the corps of the killer inside. It has a place that could possibly the map, the childhood home of the main character that was left to rot and the area around it. And for the survivors, the main character has plenty of friends that could become one of the Survivors for the chapter.

    FNsF is not only about shiny colorful animatronics attacking you in a flashy Pizzaria for kids.

    Forgot to mention that the books play in a completly other universe.

  • UwUMyersUwUUwUMyersUwU Member Posts: 114

    As said, the art design would break the flow of the game, we still have no clue about a survivor (and seeing Quentin, we shouldn't go off descriptions...) And again, not much else to give the animatronic besides maybe a hand swipe, (where have we seen this?...) Or a knife for a weapon.

    I respect the ideas and opinions, but I'd like more in depth design. I'm not talking full blown out power and perks, but maybe how it would work.

    I dunno, end of the day? BHVRs choice.

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 160

    To the design part, that's why they could go of the books, they's had more creativity and such since Springtrap isn't shown. About survivors, as said they are in the books described and there's a recently released graphic novel of the first novel with pictures of them, even tho in a cartoony style, then again, they could make them fit the style of DbD too. Same for the map.

    I'm sure people just don't want it because either they don't like licensed chapters, don't like the community, can't imagine the animatronic matching dbds style, only look at the colorful not fitting animatronics like Freddy, Foxy or all 4 points together.

  • UwUMyersUwUUwUMyersUwU Member Posts: 114

    I don't think it completely shouldn't be added, but if they do, a grotesque look should be in order. I'm talking on the lines of the kill screen in the first game, your bloody corpse in a Freddy suit. That would be kind of scary to see limping at you, or maybe a spring. And with the books, I'm sorry for being so crude here, normally I'd be more constructive, no. Devs are just... They're the dbd devs. Giving them that trust, isn't good. So if this were a thing, perhaps a solo killer pack should be in order.

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 160

    I was skeptical at first when I heard the idea of the whole FNaF Chapter idea, but after a bit of thinking I thought it might fit at the end since there is the corps of the killer in the rotten, dark and withered animatronic with the corps being seen. Being still alive as basically the same with Spirit, that girl got mangled into pieces.

    Even I myself would want any other animatronic, because every other wouldn't fit. At all. Same with a silly pizzaria map.

  • UwUMyersUwUUwUMyersUwU Member Posts: 114

    If it did come out, it should only be a killer. No map, no survivor. Alongside it should be a killer and map rework.

    A FnaF map and survivor are just tedious to design and just don't fit.

    And I'm sure a game about murder some people already complain about don't need a Chuck-e-cheese lookalike in game..

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 470

    What you mentioned technically killed Afton, but when I mentioned that he "died" at the end of FNaF 6, I meant it was when his spirit was released.

    So yes, the children's spirits did kill him, but it was ultimately the fire that bannished his spirit for good. I left a lot of details out for the purpose of keeping things short, but I probably should have mentioned this in more detail.

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 470

    I feel like (although this is unusual) the chapter should have a killer and map, but no survivor.

    This was my idea for the map (copy and pasted from another post):

    "I had my own idea for the map. It was the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, that would be extremely withered (Big chunks of the concrete wall missing, torn wall paper, chairs and tables flipped and scattered around, you get the idea). The animatronics would still be on stage, but withered down and broken.

    Outside the location would be playable as well, with foliage and trees surrounding the building, and houses along the map's perimeter.

    There would always be a generator in the backroom of the building (like the bathroom gen on "The Game"). Every time that generator is completed, spotlights would turn on and start waving at the buildings entrance. Furthermore, the power in the building would turn on, lighting up the dining area and stage lights, with an animatronic performance from the original 3 (although it would be very jittery due to their condition)."

  • UwUMyersUwUUwUMyersUwU Member Posts: 114

    There shouldn't be a map. Even with outside foliage, it'd be stupid, no one would like it (unless it was extremely one sided) and it should only be a killer. The game doesn't deserve a big dlc portion in dbd. It's lucky if it'll even get noticed by devs.

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 470

    Well if "no one would like it" is the best arguement there is for why there shouldn't be a map, then I'm not buying it. That's purely subjective. There is definitely potential to merge the different games' themes into something great.

    And it already got noticed by the devs. Sarah (UI Designer) has gone on record and said that she would want FNaF to be added. Furthermore, many FNaF related concepts have been "read by BHVR". It's not an issue of popularity.

  • fnaf_lover2431fnaf_lover2431 Member Posts: 12

    Your good bro what you said was the total truth but honestly I think a fnaf chapter would work because your right there are a lot of people that tend to be toxic to others who don't play the game but I'm not one of those people I play it and if the other person hasn't played it I mentioned they try it and if they say no I gladly say ok and walk away I mean we talk about other things but I say why not to the dbd community page would they think a fnaf chapter wouldn't work because technically the animatronics don't just kill children they kill adults as well a.k.a the security guards and many others like in the joy of creation I just honestly think why the hate. But you don't seem to hate and I'm glad I'm talking to someone who has at least more sanity in the whole dbd community thanks NightmareReborn

  • TwinCrowTwinCrow Member Posts: 6

    I hope this never happens. I fear I might uninstall and never come back.

  • Umbrae_pkUmbrae_pk Member Posts: 476

    lol I felt that. But who knows? I guess it’s possible.

  • fnaf_lover2431fnaf_lover2431 Member Posts: 12

    Let's not mention burnt areas but shouldn't the map be like the one in fnaf 3 because think of this if springtrap was on fnaf 3 I think the map personally should be the rebuilt freddy fazbears pizzeria in fnaf 3 and then his abilities can be vanish, soul reap and soul spend

    Vanish: teleport 5 feet away from a survivor

    Soul reap: stun survivor for 10 seconds and deal 15 hp damage

    Note: close range attack

    Soul speed: stun all survivors within 15 feet for 15 seconds and deal 10 hp damage for 10 seconds

    That's just a idea if you want to go with yours I'm cool with that to

  • TwistedGoomba21TwistedGoomba21 Member Posts: 2

    I don't think I could be possible unless a main protagonist has an actual face and outfit. All we know is the night guards names. I highly doubt it could be possible lore wise anyway. I don't know. It could be possible if Scott gave the main character an identity other than a name.

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 470

    I mentioned (idk if it was here or not) that you could theoretically use the FNaF 1 or FNaF 3 location, as they are both important in Springtrap's character arc.

  • NightmareRebornNightmareReborn Member Posts: 470

    Hey, thanks!

    I agree with everything you said. It's honestly very annoying when someone says something that's invalid or incorrect, and then when you try to reply with a valid counterargument, they shut you down. I'm not saying this applies to everyone who dislikes a FNaF chapter. Some people just prefer somethings over others and that's okay. Nevertheless, its something that's all too common.

  • fnaf_lover2431fnaf_lover2431 Member Posts: 12

    True it's just know there be haters everywhere you go even on the dbd community I just don't see why people have to hate the idea when it hasn't been put on the game so I mean a wise old man once said(my grandpa) "when people hate things they don't know of they become blind to the things that are awesome"

    Meaning if everyone hated the fnaf chapter and has not played it to get to know it or even like it that just means they are blind and they are fools

    But my grandpa did help with the graphic design of this game before he passed away

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