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Refueling generators objective

This game is about objectives and interacting between killers and surv not about speed to end game. If killer get 4k fast it means depip and almost no bloodpoints. Same for survivors. My opinion is that games should last longer so adding some new objectives should solve problems with gen rushing and ridiculous game speed. I like idea that I have read here on forum to add objective of refueling the generators before you can repair.

Survivors will see yellow auras of canisters with fuel on map. There should be about 10 canisters on single map so there will be no lack. Canisters should have capacity for refueling 1 full generator. Only 1 survivor can refuel same gen at one moment. Refueling time should be shorter then repairing time about 20-30s max. Fully refueled generators will be highlighed for all survivors so they will not exactly which gens are ready for repairing + survivors will have some kind of "map" vision on refueled gens. Survivors will keep all item while carrying canister (on back mb) so there will be no need to drop first your item, refuel gen and then go back to pick up item. Rest of the game after refueling is same as now.

In addition there will be new brand item called "funnel" that shorten refueling time by X%. This item will bring new possibilities of specialization of team members.

This idea can help to involve another survivors, add more cooperation between survivors (SWF + solos) and brand new builds. And because only 1 survivor can refuel 1 same generator at once other survivors can decide if they gonna wait until 1 surv refuel or better go hunt for totems or refuel another generator better. For example: 1 survivor is refueling gen but is distracted by killer (he/she can drop canister while running) and another survivors can continue refueling. 1 canister will contain amount of fuel for 1 generator so survivors will have to pick another canister before refueling another generator (or they can partialy refuel more generators with 1 canister).

Another benefit is little slowing down games coz you will first need take canister and only one person can refuel same gen so there will be no 3 survivors working on same gen in first minutes of game (prevents finishing 1-2 gens in 1 minute in case of some SWFs). Genrushing is one of the biggest problems that ruining fun of some games by finishing it too fast (mean less BP and possibly de-pip), this addition of refueling objective can partialy solve this problem. This is also great for survivors that complains about "no fun by holding mouse only to repair" - this will add new fun objective for survivors.

Sure there will be need of balancing some other stuff to implement this idea but this is just raw proposal that can add fun objective, prevent ridiculous genrushing and bring more cooperation between survivors (solos and SWFs).


  • TheEntity03TheEntity03 Member Posts: 115

    I think this awesome as a second objective the only thing I probably change is that survivors can see the gas cans auras unless the time for putting the gas in compensates for the ability to see the auras.

  • Prex91Prex91 Member Posts: 312

    Nice idea. Secondary object is needed to refresh game and remove boring gen rush pit stopt. Would like more tanks for the fuel or maybe the engine spark plugs.

  • CrazyChicken_DKCrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 35

    Properly played games. Where survivors and killer is even.

    A match takes roughly 11 min. For all 4 to escape or killer getting a 4k. And everybody gets 20k+ BP.

    Both sides needs to make an effort, making a match fun. Not just a show off. About who got the biggest screw.

    Adding more objectives to survivors. Will make survivors have to much to do. And give killers to much time for chases. Survivors at low rank. would just loose everything.

    The maps need redesigns. To make the best skills(mindgames) win.

  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 431

    This is good, but you do have to understand that survivors will have to get buff in order to keep this balance. This is because killers are shown to be performing well like survivors in games. So by making the game longer would just benefit killers. And if the devs were to balance solo survivors they will just end up buffing swf team which would just lead us to the same situation as before. That being said, I do like your idea of making the game longer and more interesting.

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited January 4

    Yes, as I told, there will be some balancing work around this idea. Survivors can get buffs but just small buffs to make this idea beneficial. This idea is made to balance some biggest problems the game is now suffering like gen-rushing and SWFs. Some bigger buffs will put game to same state like now - unbalanced. Developers absolutely dont need to buff SWFs coz SWFs are main source of problems around game balance. Well organized voice comm SWFs have huge advantage and their communication is simulating some perks like empathy, bond, kindred...etc. so its members dont need to waster their perk slots with these kind of aura reading perks. My idea will make games longer but not so much longer. Its kind of symbolic objective that will prevent well organized SWF groups to jump in 3 ppl on single gen and finish it before killer even has chance to find single survivor and apply some pressure.

    I know exactly how hard is to make pressure to well organised SWFs on higher ranks and its almost impossible coz you dont know where to go first. Go chase someone first? Go hook someone or let bleed? Camp or go kick gens? While you are kicking gen, others are finishing gen on the opposite side of map and unhook hooked one. You go catch them and meanwhile other gens are done. Its very hard to play vs these premades groups and killer can start prefering camp, tunnel, taking perks like NOED or moris to ensure at least 1-2 kills. If killers has more gametime and space by adding another fun objective, they will avoid using these tactics that are considered by survivors as dirty. This is another benefit of this idea - less camping, tunneling or NOED (NOED is crucialy important if you playing vs gen-rushing SWFs to take at least 1 kill).

    Yes, on lower ranks games are now slow but its coz new players are learning mechanics of game and how to play properly. But from rank 12 games are faster and faster and on higher ranks are ridiculously fast and before killer even find one survivor 1-2 gens are done. This is making games extremely stresful for killer, not for survivors. We should not care so much about lower rank game because its easy to achieve rank 13 and higher. I was playing survivors only for some archives challenges, lvl 1 with single basic perk, no items or addons. I escaped 8 of 10 games and get to rank 11 without much effort. This is reason why we should focus on balancing around medium and higher ranks because if some player learn basic mechanics of game its easy to climb to medium and higher ranks. I consider low ranks as some kind of tutorial ranks from where you can easily get out if you understand basics of game. This idea is made to balance game time from medium to high ranks.

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  • ZoldyarZoldyar Member Posts: 431

    I see, but most of your points when talking about balance is that you focus on teams that are swf. How would a solo survivor team be able to compare to an swf team? Most games are usually solo survivor team judging from the recent graph the devs has shown in 2019. That being said, it’s easy to make ideas to make everything work perfectly but hard to execute the plan. For example, how would the devs balance the game for solo survivor team without it benefiting swf team? What about games that killers win faster than the time a survivor has on finishing the objective? You will end up with survivors complaining about killers finishing the game too quickly which would put it out in a similar situation they were at before.

    I like your idea, but I’m just saying what the devs would possibly say to why they haven’t come up with the idea or tried to increase game time.

    The devs have also shown in their recent graphs in 2019 that most games take 10 minutes or more even in rank 1. So by you increasing the gameplay time, would survivors truly find this fun instead of feeing bored due to long period of gameplay.

  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428


    i think you're idea is amazing! definitily need more objectives for survivors but take ruin away so killers don't have to waste time guarding skull. most cases it gets broken anyway.

    maybe also another varieation of you're idea is to give both survivor and killer another objective:

    survivors have to find a petrol can and go to a shed that has a petrol tank, then they have to fill it up. what the killer could possibly do is contaminate the petrol tank once or twice. contaminating the tank should take quicker than filling cannister. contamination lasts x amount of time until it's usabe again.

  • YuyukoyayYuyukoyay Member Posts: 50

    I'm all for adding more objectives as long as very little changes are done to the core balance of the game. I still think the easiest change is to just remove SWF's though from the lobbies and give bloodpoints to custom games. So you are rewarded for playing SWF fun mode.

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited January 6

    I agree but coz BHVR will not prevent playing with friends there is no other option but adding objective that prevent SWFs jumping with 3 ppl on single gen and finish it in first minute and finish it before killer can even find first survivor. Other option is adding fake generators that are not connected to gate. Last option is buff some killer perks to allow more pressure vs SWF groups but this buffs will only raise huge wave of crying from survivor side and we all know that BHVR is sided with survivors to make their game comfortable and it will end up by nerfing killers again. Mb 5th perk slot can being new interesting builds. Killers are now limited to 3 perks literaly because hex ruin is must have to slow down crazy gen rushing time. Plus another advantage is that killer players will try to play more characters if there is no so big gen rush pressure.

    My idea si perfect to prevent 3 ppl jump on gen coz only single person can refuel gen and this solves SWFs advantage. Im not against adding killer objective as well to counterbalance adding refueling objective for survivors. I dont want to add huge killer advantage but add little disadvantage for SWFs that are huge problem for healthy games. Sure there are other problem like crazy matchmaking (as rank 10 I got 3 ppl SWF rank 2-3 with one solo survivor 9 rank - its really not fair matchmaking playing vs so much better players), endless loops with 3 pallets next to each others etc.

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  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428

    i'm sure killers would like another objective too. i'm not saying give them another to counter balance survivors extra objective. i'm saying

    x1 to killer=contaminate petrol tank

    x2 to survivors= find and fill petrol cannister, pour petrol into gen

    if ruin is took away put more time onto gens until they power up πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ

  • YuyukoyayYuyukoyay Member Posts: 50

    They don't have to prevent them from playing together. However, they shouldn't be allowed to play in matchmaking. They are free to bring 4 friends and do an entire game by themselves in custom games.

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328
    edited January 6

    Yeah, why not? It will be only better if ruin will be deleted and replaced with this new objectives. Sadly nowadays is Hex: ruin some kind of must have perk to at least have better chance to counter gen-rush times, but sadly its high risk perk that is usualy cleansed in first 1-2 minutes (for me often destroyed in 30s, before I even find first survivor). So for killers its must have and have only 3 perks left to create decent build and not to mention that after 1-2 minutes killer play with 3 perks for the rest of game and this is problem.

    One solution is delete Hex: ruin and add my idea for refueling gen, that prevents 3 ppl on 1 gen at once early game or change Hex: ruin from hex to standard perk with little nerfs as compensation for keeping Ruin working whole game. Second option is good if BHVR doesnt want to interfere to game mechanism with adding another objectives. Second option is not adding more fun with objectives but can help with gen-rusing by lowering % with good/great skill checks.

  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428


    to prevent 4 survivors going on the same gen, how about the devs put more bushes around all gens, so only 2 survivors at the most work on it? more simplified this way.

    i think mixing up your idea with what i have said here and what i said before is great.

    i hope devs look into this πŸ˜ƒ

    ooh just thought of another thing, once survivors have fixed a gen, then they have to press the start button. which brings up another kind of timing thing. hit it 3 times and now the gen is running

  • RuncoreRuncore Member Posts: 328

    After recent changes I give up this idea. As we all see there is no chance to balance game for killers, instead we are getting one nerf after one. My idea was only wasting of my time. Sorry.

  • bomb1720bomb1720 Member Posts: 428

    from what we said why wouldn't this balance the game out for killers? what do you mean?

  • TheEntity03TheEntity03 Member Posts: 115

    They mean how the Devs are Nerfing the doctor and Ruin they lost faith in them πŸ™„

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