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Looking for some SWF

banchyadbanchyad Member Posts: 2
edited January 24 in PS4

I am a green/purple rank survivor, who looking for people to play DBD with.

I want to find some fun people to play with me, because solo survivor can be kind of rough. Plus, DBD is more fun when you are playing in a group.

Really all I am looking for are people who are not toxic (Killers are people too) and can laugh when they mess up.

I am not particularly concerned with rank. I don't mind playing in red ranks. I also don't mind playing with yellow and white ranks. (As long as they are cool playing against lower ranked killers, because matchmaking.)

My PSN is banchyad. Feel free to add me. (Please, send me a message that says DBD, just so I know why you are there.)

I hope to see you in the fog.

P.S. I reworked my original post, because I think that I came off like a pretentious jerk. I am sorry to anyone who got that impression.

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