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Killer Ideas You’d Like to See?

The Mimic

A killer that has the power to transform into the farthest away survivor. While transformed as a survivor, they have a Terror Radius of 0 and have no red stain, except with the survivor they’re mimicking, who is able to hear their Terror Radius and see they’re red stain even while transformed. They can interact with generators and pretend to repair them, but in actuality be regressing it manually. If another survivor comes to help repair the generator they are regressing, they can quickly get up and grab the survivor off the generator, transforming back to its original form, and take them to a hook.

If the survivor that The Mimic is copying gets close to the Mimic, they can force The Mimic to be revealed in their true form. When transformed as a survivor, The Mimic might also have slightly reddened eyes in order to distinguish them if you’re observant. The direct counter to this would be to stay grouped up together, since there won’t be any confusion if a clone of one of the survivors somehow showed up out of nowhere.

The Scarecrow

I don’t know how this one would exactly work, but I think it would be cool to have a scarecrow as a killer. Maybe he might spawn somewhere in the map, but the player gets to control an invisible being that wanders around looking for survivors similar to Wraith in his cloaked form and probably the same speed. If he’s completely invisible he will emit a sound when he’s near a survivor. He can injure survivors but not down them, he’ll have to return to the scarecrow and then take control of the scarecrow who is able to now walk and instantly down the survivors he’s injured (even if they healed back up to Healthy). He’ll probably be an M1 killer only though to balance it out, not sure. Again, I’m not entirely 100% on this concept yet but thought a scarecrow killer would be cool :P

What have been some ideas you guys thought of?


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