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Still believe this game is unbelievably unbalanced.

If anyone cares to read this please change my mind. Doubt a Developer will read this but it be awesome if they did. I List the reasons down below. Keep in mind that I play both roles and suggest a fix to restore a new game mode that I'd think would fix the game.

Survivor objective

The main goal is to repair five generators and get out. If you can see how fast generator are completed though it's a serious joke. I mean I don't know how they can really say it's balanced. Someone's gonna say git good or run ruin. Or the famous not everyone plays like that. At red ranks it's literally like this every game. The worst part is your literally waiting for the survivor to make a mistake. If they loop properly the game is already over. Now I don't like going against rank 17's or 12's for that matter. I like a challenge but at red ranks it seems like 3 or more survivors always escape. My goal is to try and terrorize and scare survivors. I normally don't care for the kill. But with survivors with flashlights and and perks that literally make it so hard to do your job it just makes me ask why? Speaking of which....

Killer powers

Almost all of the killers are the same and behavior is pumping out preety much a new deal with the same packaging. I didn't buy oni because he's just the hillbilly with collecting blood orbs as the new deal. His demon mode is just chainsaw. Demogorgon is really the only diverse character I thought besides spirit. You can change my mind on this but most of the roaster is really the same. And some power need to have a little teak. That's another discussion for another time.

New game mode

To restore the balance I propose that they add a ranked game mode and leave the current system at quick play. With ranked the killer gets to actually be overpowered. They really bring back the stealth mehcanic. I mean I think this would be more fun for survivors too. Like it would really feel like you just woke up and there's a overpowered killer and you have to use your wrist and team to survive. You can still loot chest and to solve the camping ploblem the dev's could incorporate a harsher penalty or give killers another reason to go searching for another survivor. Im just brainstorming here. I could see us testing it on the PTB. If you read this far I do really enjoy the game. I've recorded some amazing matches but there far and few between. If they just make it a level playing ground I would be so unhappy playing. It feels like a chore to play DBD now instead of fun. Im not a entitled killer main I just want more balance for the game. And anyone who says it's in a good spot right now is wrong. Compared to what the game was then and now they definitely made a step in the right direction. They still have a ways to go before it's completely balanced. I hope they get there. Otherwise I'll stop playing and im preety sure im not the only one.


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    I tend to give a [BAD WORD] about opinions of people in this or the steam forum. When somebody, that has played the game 3000 hours or more and is really experienced, then i think about their ideas of how to improve the gameplay.

    What was truetalent (the streamer) said in one of his videos: Survivor were pretty ok with the 2 windows in the killer shack and the even slower vault speed of the killer. I saw the video and it was just insane. You would never manage to get anyone there. I believe showcase video was from 2016.

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