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Looking for lgbt people to play with

bbnakobbnako Member Posts: 2

hi i recently moved from console to pc and im looking for people to play with ^-^


  • megsthomasmegsthomas Member Posts: 3

    hey, i just switched to pc too and would like to play with other LGBT players ☺️ do you play on steam?

  • bbnakobbnako Member Posts: 2


  • BabyDwightBabyDwight Member Posts: 2

    So do I :)

  • MarksmanSpecalMarksmanSpecal Member Posts: 119
    edited January 13

    If u want, u can add me as well. German and english speaking, my nick is also the steam-id.

    Playing at EU.

  • ReyPlaysReyPlays Member Posts: 1

    Hello guys, can i add u ?

  • Stonewall Gaming Network is an LGBT and ally gaming group and we have a Dead by Daylight division that we're always looking to invite more players to. Check out our recruitment post here in the forums at the link below. We'd love to survive with you! Check us out and see if you think our campfire would be a good fit for you!


  • HealsofloveHealsoflove Member Posts: 19

    Super chill casual gamer here - add me :)

    steam friend code: 119407179

  • King84King84 Member Posts: 1

    Same here :) feel free to add always looking for friends

    steam code : 1031742160

  • Surreal_TransbianSurreal_Transbian Member Posts: 2

    Me too! If you're still looking for others to add, here is my steam code: 135632144

    I play casual but can be a huge help to those wanting to rank up! I usually sit in red ranks for killer and survivor

  • MilkasaMilkasa Member Posts: 76

    Does Asexual count? Lmao

  • TekisioTekisio Member Posts: 10

    I'm new to PC, need some friends to play with. Add me??? Steam friend code: 254607120

  • ZahyraZahyra Member Posts: 2

    Hey hey! I started playing a few months ago! I am also looking for people to play with! My friend code is 220171366 💝

  • HealsofloveHealsoflove Member Posts: 19

    hi there, add me if you're looking to just have fun playing :)

    Steam 119407179

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