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Read This and explain what do you think

EndGameCollapse. is the worst thing on dbd. (rework that please)If the killer closes The hatch, you can't do anything, because he's going to camp the gates and you can't escape.

Huntress Hatchets hitboxes, oni's power hitboxes, spirit and freddy hitboxes need a review. freddy's hitboxes is larger than hillbilly hammer. the oni's power hit you trought the tree. huntress hatchets have a bad hitboxes, if the hatchet didn't hit you, it injuried you. review all hitboxes.

The killers are too fast i think. and the game now is too unbalanced. and a lot of survivors perk need some buff or rework.



  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 844

    I play both sides and have my own experiences with these “issues”

    I used to Main huntress, she was the first killer I got good with. I stopped playing her because I would clearly hit a survivor and the hatchet would go right through them. I’m talking while I’m farming, they’re standing inches from me and I see multiple go right through them. It’s not just bs for survivors, it is for the killer too.

    The doors are purely luck. If the doors are far enough apart I can just get it to the E in escape, wait for the killer to come by and do the rest, of they're simply to close together meh, it only happens once in a while for me as a survivor and I’ll just get points till the entity takes me. I’m lucky that the doors are pretty close most of my games as killer.

  • PistolTimbPistolTimb Member Posts: 1,414

    EGC was made to remove the possibility to hold the game hostage. You aren't supposed to be guaranteed to escape. Best strategy is to get a gate to 20%, so that the first light doesn't come on. Then you wait as long as possible. Eventually the killer will get frustrated, and their patrol might get worse. Then you go for it toward the end of the timer. Like I said, you aren't meant to get a free escape. I admit that sometimes it sucks when the gates are close to each other, but sometimes the hatch will spawn so far away from them that you can get one open before they can even reach it.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Only thing I will say is that there needs to be a min and max distance for the gates.

    It's dumb when the gates spawn right next to each other.

    It's dumb when the gates spawn clear across the map.

    Example of how stupid the gates can be...

  • Rin_is_my_waifuRin_is_my_waifu Member Posts: 963

    Another rank 20 survivor crying about everything killer related. I'm really not surprised at all

    How about investing more hours into the game? How about trying to get to purple or red ranks to see what "unbalanced" really means?

    Git gud

  • TronicusTronicus Member Posts: 19

    Hit boxes do need fixed. Chances are though its connection issues causing a lot of BS hits.

    Hatch and gates needs changed though. Why is it that the killer can stand on of hatch and block the survivor from jumping in but a killer can still close it if a survivor stands on it? And gates need max. and min. distances set on them

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    So basically you want a free escape, you don't want to be hit, and you want to win every chase.... You want the power role to be buffed even more...Heck, we should take away the killer's ability to attack while we're at it.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    I think is a bait, but I'm not quite sure. Let me test it? Is Self-care OP?

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 312

    That was really constructive and not confusing at all.

  • kreeper124kreeper124 Member Posts: 482

    Only time I hate the EGC is when it's the trapper and I'm the only one left. You disarm the trap, open the gate a little bit then he comes and puts down another one. Other than that I think it's fine

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763

    I only have issue with the gates always spawning next to each other. It makes it impossible, especially against billy, spirit, and huntress. They should never spawn that close as it sucks as final survivor.

  • illusionillusion Member Posts: 869

    So you want them to make killers slower, buff the survivors perks, make survivors harder to hit, and make it easier for survivors to escape? I wonder what role you are struggling with.

    Killers have 4 players to try and track down and kill and you want them to be made slower? Come on. Survivors are not meant to escape every game. Accept that and you will enjoy the game a lot better.

    The endgame collapse is necessary, to force survivors out of hiding and actually try to escape. You have two gates to leave from, and you can always use a key to reopen the hatch.

    Yes, a lot of survivor perks could use a rework, but so could a lot of killer perks.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,454

    Why do I have the feeling that I saw the same thread before? It's like a deja vu. I am not going to say git gud or something like that but you probably had a few bad matches, it happens to everyone. I agree that the game have a bad RNG in some matches though. And specially a bad map design.

  • KingHEADBUSTERKingHEADBUSTER Member Posts: 75

    make 1 chest(if available) during EGC have a key and open the hatch the second the last survivor is hooked, or enters sacrificing stage. so u get a chance for hatch.

    I always slug as killer, so I don't see a problem w this.

  • QuolQuol Member Posts: 694
    edited January 2020

    Freddy hitboxes only seem weird because of his size and 115% speed. If Hag was given 115% speed you would see the same complaints about her.

    In general, I dont want the devs trying to "fix" the hitboxes because i feel like it will be made worse there will always be times when you feel like thats BS no matter what they do.

    How is the killer too fast? They have been at the same speed they have always been.

    I agree some perks would be reworked. For example i think We're Gonna Live Forever should be changed to a 20% boost in BP per gen completed so survivors have a perk like BBQ.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,144

    I read what you posted.

    And I still think the game is survivor-sided. More survivor nerfs plz.

  • laurelstroodlelaurelstroodle Member Posts: 432

    I was going to argue with you than I saw it was "Rin_is_my_waifu" so i screamed lol

  • Quiet_ObserverQuiet_Observer Member Posts: 68

    Lol "if survivors fail their main objective then we should at least have an easy way to escape it's not fair a killer is good and kills us that they don't reward us survivors with an easy escape. Waaa waaa make it easier for us" 🙄

  • Quiet_ObserverQuiet_Observer Member Posts: 68

    Killer too strong make them only be able to see a black screen the entire game and reduce their movement speed by 70%

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    I read this and I think you should be a killer main! It sounds like it would sort out your problems. Also, EGC is the best ease of use update to DBD so far. No longer are you ever in a situation where you are stuck in a match. It's unfortunate when two exits spawn right next to each other, but c'est la DBD.

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    I was thinking just full body shackles for the killers, and give survivors a new chainsaw item that can one hit killers. Then when killers queue, make them read the unabridged survivors' handbook and agree to the terms before matchmaking starts.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    About EGC: Its fine how it is and i see it as a good adition to the game.

    Huntress Hitbox: Yes, you are 100% right with that one. More often then not, hatchet should not hit but it still does. The hitbox is insanly bad and with lag, it makes it even worse.

    Freddys Lunge: Absurd because it does not fit with the model. Imagine he has a sword in his hand, then it would work.

    Killer speed: They are fine, definitely not to fast.

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 757
  • toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

    hitboxes are terrible and we all know it. but endgame collapse is fine, though in most maps exit gates are too close to eachother.

  • Mellow7Mellow7 Member Posts: 792

    Smh so you just want free escapes? If you didn't power all the gens then you shouldn't escape period, hatch mechanic is also pretty dumb it's there so if you don't get it you shouldn't get a second chance at escaping. What's next? Gates open automatically whenever there's 1 survivor left?

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