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(NA)(XBOX1) 2v2 Sandbag Tournament Saturday Jan 11, 2020!

SpicyScarberianSpicyScarberian Member Posts: 15
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Date: Saturday January 11th, 2020

(8:30pm - 11:00pm EST) / (5:30pm - 7:00pm PST)

Steps to Sign Up:

  1. Message SpicyScarberian on Xbox messenger to be added to bracket listed below
  2. Include the name of your team mate in message if you have one and ensure they receive this forum link
  3. If interested in playing killer, include that in your message as more killers are still needed

Tournament is 100% FREE!

The format is really simple. You and one teammate will compete against another team of 2 survivors with the winners of the game being the team with more combined blood points. You will play a best of 3 games set with the winning team being the first to 2 wins. Tournament is double elimination so losing your first match still means you can come back and win it all from the losers bracket. If you don't have a partner don't worry, we've got a few solo players that would be happy to pair up with you.

The rules and event details are outlined in the google doc below:

Bracket below outlines the teams and who you will be playing against in each round:

TBH most DBD tournaments suck. They try to limit what the killer and survivor can do to try and create balance in a game that is anything but. The rules we have in place are few and shouldn't limit whichever play style you prefer.

Entire tournament will be streamed on mixer.com/spicyscarberian

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  • SpicyScarberianSpicyScarberian Member Posts: 15

    24 hours until the tournament!!

    Bracket is filling up so if you haven’t messaged me yet to register then GET ON THAT! @Spicyscarberian on Xbox messenger.

    Will confirm teams and 1st round pairings tomorrow morning

  • SpicyScarberianSpicyScarberian Member Posts: 15
    edited January 12

    Tournament pairings have been confirmed. If you have not received a message from me confirming who you are playing with then please message me ASAP.

    Tournament begins in 1 hour!!!

    Best of luck to everyone competing 😋

  • Cserum7Cserum7 Member Posts: 2

    Will the tournament be streamed, I would love to watch

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