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Game Constantly Crashing (PC)

gemjasgemjas Member Posts: 47
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I've had DbD for about a month now and have been playing fine up until yesterday. Suddenly, pretty much every time I enter a match, the game would crash almost instantly with no warning whatsoever. Every time, I get a crash reporter pop-up. This was in the most recent one:

Unhandled exception

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 3557426 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 3552739 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 3553368 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 14514221 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 14034911 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 3524167 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 1583434 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 4301298 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 4301000 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 4817439 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 4817247 bytes

nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000} + 19050636 bytes

kernel32 {0x0000000000000000} + 96628 bytes

ntdll {0x0000000000000000} + 434801 bytes

I should also note that I played exactly one successful game in-between the constant crashing (I've tried playing five games so far since yesterday). So, whatever is causing this, it's not completely consistent.

Here is the most recent log, also:


Windows 10 64bit

Processor: Intel Core i7-9750h CPU @ 2.60GHz

RAM: 16GB (2x8GB)

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti (6GB)


  • cyborg10cyborg10 Member Posts: 19

    Me and my friends are having the exact same issue.

  • ThatMetal1ThatMetal1 Member Posts: 28

    idk what is wrong but my issues just started today. dbd worked fine all weekend until 3 hours ago. every time I get into chase massive fps dropping starts and then eventually freezes. I can hear being hooked but then my game just crashes. I've lost so many pips I'm just done. it is every game. idk what the fix is tried updating windows, all my drivers, verified game files, re loaded easyanticheat. nothing is helping in the slightest. have 1k hours and have never seen dbd run so poorly.

  • cyborg10cyborg10 Member Posts: 19

    @ThatMetal1 for me and many other people it started since the oni update, so smth in that update messed with the game. The devs havent said anything so far, but this needs to get fixed asap because it literally unplayable...

  • gemjasgemjas Member Posts: 47
    edited January 6

    Um. The Oni update was sometime in November (I think?), but my issue started up randomly on January 3rd. I also get no FPS drops or lag or anything before a crash. It just crashes with no warning and the game instantly closes. Sometimes I'm doing something, sometimes I just loaded into the match and haven't even gotten a chance to move. I also tried playing three more games since I posted here and had two successful games and one crash, so the crashes also aren't consistent.

    I'm not saying our problems aren't the same, because I honestly have no idea, but I still want to clarify these important differences in case we all need different fixes.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,595

    Could do with a log that has the actual crash. However, here's some stuff that's helped folks with stuttering/crashing.

    1) If stuttering, try running the game from HDD instead of SSD.

    2) If stuttering, and you unlocked the FPS cap, remove that.

    3) If stuttering, and you have a gaming mouse, check the polling rate. Anything too high causes stuttering (no idea why).

    4) For crashing, try UNDERCLOCKING your graphics card and see if that helps. It could be a heat or power issue, and this helps resolve both.

  • gemjasgemjas Member Posts: 47
    edited January 8

    I don't know what is or isn't in a log, since I don't know how to read them. I just followed the instructions given on this forum and attached the most recent log file after a crash.

    There's no stuttering before the crashes, it just instantly closes. My computer is also only a month old and doesn't overheat. I bought this game the same day I received my new computer, and the game played perfectly up until a few days ago.

    So, before I try messing around with the graphics card (I'm very computer illiterate, so I'm cautious about changing the default settings), does this log tell you anything? Again, it's the most recent file in the log folder that I have after my game crashed. I played a few games successfully, and then crashed instantly upon loading into the next match.  

    Or does the message that I get after the crash that I posted in my original post tell you anything? It's always the same thing over and over: "nvwgf2umx {0x0000000000000000}" with the exact same numbers after.

    Edit: here's another log. It ends a bit different from the others. It says "Roboto Condensed" is "not found" a bunch of times at the end. Not sure if that helps, especially since I'm pretty sure "Roboto Condensed" is just a font (????), but here it is anyway.

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  • ThatMetal1ThatMetal1 Member Posts: 28

    I actually managed to fix the problem I ended up going to Nvidias website and downloading the most current graphics driver and haven't DCed for about 20 matches in a row now.

  • gemjasgemjas Member Posts: 47

    All my drivers are up to date, but I'm glad your problem was fixed.

  • gemjasgemjas Member Posts: 47
    edited January 10

    Well, I was able to play all day today without any crashes. After every two or three games, I closed the game and then reopened it. So, there's that, lol.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,595

    Huh. That's really odd and random... fingers crossed it keeps behaving, I guess? :D

  • BirdStalkerBirdStalker Member Posts: 12

    Wait, so did you resolve this issue and if so how? I've been getting the exact same crash report constantly. I'm kinda worried I'm going to get banned because I've crashed during so many games that I've now got a match lock of 6 hours. So I can't even really trouble shoot either.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,595

    So I made a hail mary suggestion to another user, which apparently DID fix stuttering.

    Increase the size of your windows paging file.

  • PortiMeoPortiMeo Member Posts: 40

    Yep, it keeps happening, constantly...

  • sadfacezacksadfacezack Member Posts: 1

    I keep getting crashes. I checked the EAC stuff and it still doesn't stop the EAC error from destroying my game. Use a better system then EAC or stop using it. Because the error says an issue with my files, the files havent been tampered with at all. It is simply a problem deep ruited with this garbage anti cheat system people want to use.

  • mac10onDaHipmac10onDaHip Member Posts: 14

    yo bro did you end up fixing your issue because am having the same exact issue. i also pretty much tried every method to try and fix it and nothing rn is working

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