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Killer idea: the midnight man

So I watched the movie "the midnight man" (2018) and I thought he would be an interesting killer since his whole thing is being part of a game already

This is what I came.up with, (I'm aware parts of it are kinda broken but this was just off the top of my head)

Midnight man

Is invisible until he sees a survivor for a certain amount of time (like ghostface ability but it activates passively mixed with old freddy)

Cant damage survivors if they cant see him.

Salt circles scattered around the map randomly, if a survivor stands in one their "stalk" timer cannot progress, each circle only lasts for 30 seconds while standing in it, and then reactivates for that survivor after 3 minutes. (Like if a survivor is in the circle for 30 seconds, it wont work for them anymore but it will work for other survivors that haven't used it. And if a survivor uses a circle for only part of the 3 minutes but not all of it, it will gradually regenerate based on the time missing. So like 15 seconds [half the time] of use would take 90 seconds [half the full timer] to regenerate)

Each survivor has a candle. The candles will go out (randomly throughout the game OR be on a timer like freddy's power) if a survivors candle is out, they gain the exposed status effect. They have a 10 second timer to relight the candle (kind of like mend) and if the candle isnt relit within the 10 seconds, the killer gets a notification of the survivors location, and continues getting a notification every 10 seconds until the survivor lights the candle.


What is your fear: injured survivors not being chased by the killer who are within 10/20/30 meters of the killer for 10/8/5 seconds while the killer is chasing a survivor scream and notify the killer of their location.

Dont like to lose/bend the rules: by interacting with a dull totem, randomly reassign one of your existing hex totems (that is still standing) to that dull totem. If a survivor is working on the hex totem when it changes, regardless of their progress they instantly finish cleansing the newly dulled totem

Your game is over: survivors open the gates 25%/20%/15% faster. Speed up the timer of endgame collapse by 25%/30%/35%

Feel free to judge my idea and tear it apart in the comments 🙌


  • Hex_StalkHex_Stalk Member Posts: 412
    edited January 5

    I love “your game is over” With some tweaking that could be scary to play against.

  • WoofersonWooferson Member Posts: 22

    What is your fear and your game is over seem like theyd be great anti-super altruistic teammates, like ones who hang around for a flashlight save. The only problem I'd see is with dont like to lose/bend the rules because there are some very hard to find totem spawns in the map and combining that with something like devour does seem rather cheap especially if it would be a more than one use perk since you could theoretically keep bouncing it around to prevent it from being cleansed until there were no other totems. (This is from a killer main btw)

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,164

    No more cheap than detectives hunch or small game pinpointing where the totems are

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61

    ya i agree that i dont like to lose/bend the rules could be busted but 1. i was just trying to think of something that seems borderline unfair because thats kind of the premise of those quotes from the movie.

    maybe if the totem is already being worked on when the spawn is switched it still gets destroyed or its aura becomes visible for all survivors? or maybe limit the amount of times you can use it. like maybe its a token thing and you can use it once per token, but you get a token for every 2 generators that get finished or every survivor that gets sacrificed. That way you only really get the perk mid-late game and it gives them time to find and destroy it before you can move its location?

    think that might be a little more balanced?

  • WoofersonWooferson Member Posts: 22

    Using a token mechanic seems like it would definitely balance it out a lot more, even if it used survivors sacrificed and the 2 gen completed per token. I wouldnt say to go as far as having the totems aura revealed, but at least a notification that it was moved.

    It's a great idea tbf, a way to really protect your totems on killers besides hag and trapper and not completely flail or lose one if it so happens to spawn right out in the open.

  • muddymuddy Member Posts: 25

    Love the idea! I think this killer could come with a sort of refurbishment for the survivors, them gaining a certain fear. The killer could have an ability where the survivors start to have hallucinations of those fears that would absolutely terrify them, disallowing them to work on generators, healing, etc., temporarily. I personally haven’t watched the movie, either, so this is an uneducated suggestion for the killer.

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61

    oh no the aura reveal thing was ONLY if you were working on that totem when its moved, but youre right maybe only have it revealed for the survivor who was working on it at the time or the obsession or something? if thats still broken i get it but I think otherwise its kind of a massive slap in the face if a survivor is at 98% on a totem and it gets moved.

    The notification is a good idea tho regardless, but do you think it would be like how killers get notifications and if so would it show up on the old or the new totem spot?

    Or do you think it would be like the little perk icon in the corner telling the survivors "hey this dude used bend the rules/dont like to lose just fyi" cause i think if that happened and there was no other information given its kind of pointless because they still have to find the totem just the same, the only difference is they might have to go back and check other spawns they've already checked before. OOOH what if you get a notification of the old totem location when it gets switched, BUT If a survivor has already seen the dull totem it switched to, then they get to see the aura for like 10 second or something. that way not everyone sees the aura and its not permanant, but it lets a survivor who already checked certain totems know if its there, kind of a reward for scouting

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61
    edited January 6

    first off, its on hulu right now and i totally recommend it. secondly, to your point about fears, what about an add on that showed them hallucinations of their killer or something. like how ace was released with hag so if youre playing as ace, you can trigger hag traps but the killer doesnt get notified, it just makes the ace think its a hag, or if youre playing as david, you hear the huntress lullaby or something like that.

    the only issue is that not all survivors have a specific counterpart like that. Id say dwight and trapper (sees traps on the ground), meg and hillbilly (hears chainsaw), and claudette and wraith (hears bell) would make sense, but then jake has no killer to associate with. Same thing with ash.

    The idea of having them have fears is a great idea, in the movie the "Survivors" hallucinate what their fears are and then are just fine but terrified afterwards, so i think your uneducated suggestion is spot on. theyd just need to figure out how to go about implementing it. Idk if having the fears stop them from working on stuff is necessarily a great idea because theres already a lot going on with this power and i dont want it to get too convoluted but having them hallucinate fears is great!

  • muddymuddy Member Posts: 25

    I see where you’re coming from about survivors with no killers, so I’m thinking that maybe their fear would she somethings to do with their back story or past before The Entity’s realm.

    It would give a wider range of possible fears and the fears could possibly change out every so often, depending on the survivor’s habits in game. For example, if a survivor’s phobia is…let’s say crows, every time they come across one they would attack the POV of the survivor which could potentially alert the killer. A survivor may be able to get around that, however, if they manage to escape the killer’s grasp or does not draw the killer’s attention an x amount of times, the fear being replaced with a new one. It would keep survivor’s on their toes and would disallow them becoming used to their certain fear, therefore unable to always get around that fear.

    Fears like these wouldn’t just be useful for the midnight man, either. Freddy could possibly be able to harness a similar ability if survivors are sucked into the dream state, and any killer could be alerted of a survivor freaking out about a crow, fire, etc. if they’re close enough to them.

  • WoofersonWooferson Member Posts: 22

    I'd say having it revealed for the survivor working on it for a set number of second, like 5 or 10 maybe, along with a noise notification (as if you're killer and someone performs a fast action) at the old totem location for all the other survivors.

    The only reason I wouldnt go for something like the last thing you messaged, a survivor seeing it switch if theyve already seen the dull totem, is because it seems like a rather hard thing to track and easily abused. Aka, do they have to look at it for a certain amount of time, do they have to work on it for a moment, be in a certain area, etc. Seems like it would be a rather easily abused thing especially if the perk would have an icon at the bottom such as dying light or even just the noise notification.

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61

    i think having every survivor have a different fear for this mechanic would be too much to ask of the devs. and as for the crows example, survivors are just skins. Every survivor plays exactly the same aside from what perks they use. having certain survivors afraid of crows would make certain survivors stronger or weaker against the killer for no real reason.

  • TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61

    id think it would work the same way it does with maps, if you have a map and see a gen and leave the area, from that point on the gens aura is revealed by the map.

    same kind of thing with the totem except it isnt attached to an item.

    how do you think it would be abused if there was an icon? the icon wouldnt really do anything except let them know a hex exists and has been moved, which in most cases i feel like survivors would already know theres a hex by the time the killer gets a token and can use the perk

  • muddymuddy Member Posts: 25

    Yeah, one can dream. Fixing bugs is already too much to ask for 😂

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