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Killer idea: the midnight man

TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61

So I watched the movie "the midnight man" (2018) and I thought he would be an interesting killer since his whole thing is being part of a game already

This is what I came.up with, (I'm aware parts of it are kinda broken but this was just off the top of my head)

Midnight man

Is invisible until he sees a survivor for a certain amount of time (like ghostface ability but it activates passively mixed with old freddy)

Cant damage survivors if they cant see him.

Salt circles scattered around the map randomly, if a survivor stands in one their "stalk" timer cannot progress, each circle only lasts for 30 seconds while standing in it, and then reactivates for that survivor after 3 minutes. (Like if a survivor is in the circle for 30 seconds, it wont work for them anymore but it will work for other survivors that haven't used it. And if a survivor uses a circle for only part of the 3 minutes but not all of it, it will gradually regenerate based on the time missing. So like 15 seconds [half the time] of use would take 90 seconds [half the full timer] to regenerate)

Each survivor has a candle. The candles will go out (randomly throughout the game OR be on a timer like freddy's power) if a survivors candle is out, they gain the exposed status effect. They have a 10 second timer to relight the candle (kind of like mend) and if the candle isnt relit within the 10 seconds, the killer gets a notification of the survivors location, and continues getting a notification every 10 seconds until the survivor lights the candle.


What is your fear: injured survivors not being chased by the killer who are within 10/20/30 meters of the killer for 10/8/5 seconds while the killer is chasing a survivor scream and notify the killer of their location.

Dont like to lose/bend the rules: by interacting with a dull totem, randomly reassign one of your existing hex totems (that is still standing) to that dull totem. If a survivor is working on the hex totem when it changes, regardless of their progress they instantly finish cleansing the newly dulled totem

Your game is over: survivors open the gates 25%/20%/15% faster. Speed up the timer of endgame collapse by 25%/30%/35%

Feel free to judge my idea and tear it apart in the comments 🙌


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