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Can we please do something about ridiculous matchmaking and trolling teammates

Im teetering between rank 4 and rank 5 with 3 pips because no matter how I play, teammates constantly ruin games.

I just had a game with a rank 6, 14, and 9 survivors on my team (i think they were survive with friends but as far as ranks go this is more balanced than most of my teams where i get all yellow/brown rank teammates for no reason)

the rank 14 got hooked, and the other 2 got downed RIGHT near the hook. now i could have just waited for him to pick someone up before going for the save and in hindsight i shouldve done that but I had a medkit with styptic and borrowed time so i figured I could make the save and at least 2 of us would still be up.

BUT NO I made the save and took a hit and this rank 14 decides to heal me under hook WHILE THE KILLER WAS THERE so i couldnt use my styptic to escape, so I go down. then the 14 just kind of ran in a small circle instead of leaving or healing one of the other survivors and tanks a hit for no reason with borrowed time AND THEN GOES DOWN and the killer just leaves us to bleed out.

its one thing if they do this because theyre new and dont know the game or got overwhelmed and panicked, but in post game chat they were all going off about how it was funny and they got their archive mission done and whatnot and im just like...I just want to actually play the game and rank up and get better and i cant because Im constantly killed by my own teammates as much as the killers

I understand yall arent gonna do anything about matchmaking because its been beyond busted for months now but can you at least make a way for teammates who ruin the game for everyone else to actually get punished for it? cause Idk if reporting actually does anything or not cause I get teammates like this all the time

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