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What about a killer from future?

KsoniKsoni Member Posts: 607
edited January 2020 in Creations

If the entity can take characters from whatever timeline it wants, what if there would be a killer that in our perspecitve is from future. I won't be leaving exact numbers behind this killer albility, because it's up to devs if this concept will interest them, and balance it in thier own way.

CTRL albility - The Drone

After clicking CTRL you will set up a drone, that will rise and it will be scanning the area for x seconds. In indoor maps the area will be smaller due to the celling.

Whenever a survivor enters the scanned area, they will become exposed and thier aura will be revealed, this effect persist after leaving the area for x seconds.

The killer can carry up to (i'm thinking about 3) x drones, a drone can't be set up in the same place twice. (For example, once you placed a drone in the killer schack, you won't be able to set up a drone in this place again) The Drone can't be set in a place, that will have exit Gates in range.

Right click ability -

I'm thinking here about some kind of a medium distance grab. Slightly further that denogorgons shred. It would take some time to charge up (maybe like 2 seconds).

I think it would fit he's kit because you could do something like this:

If you are close enough do survivor, you set up a drone and then pull them into it with your grab.

Been thinking about this concept for a while, tell me what you think.

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