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They Can't Deny It Anymore

Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

The dev's are heavily favoring survivor's gameplay experience over killers, and I'm starting to wonder if they understand their own game.

People have claimed that the reason for the Doctor rework was mainly for the benefit of survivors. Devs have replied saying they were reworking him to make him more fun for both sides, even though in their own live streams they focused far more on why survivors find him "annoying." Now in the new notes they finally admit the change is because survivors didn't like playing against him, even though killers have been asking for him to be buffed for a while now. And the changes to make it easier for survivors to snap out of madness are a joke.

Then there's Ruin. No devs, killers don't run ruin for the gatekeeper emblem. They run it because gens can be done before a killer can even cross the map to get to it from the start. It only takes 33 seconds with 3 survivors on 1 gen with no toolboxes or perks. With 2 survivors it's 44 seconds. If you are on the other side of the map and see discordance go off, you may not have a chance to get back to the gen. Now add in toolboxes and perks and you can get a gen done in less than 30 seconds. Oh, and let's not act like survivors still won't cleanse it in under 3 minutes so it won't even be around in the late game. Now it's not useful, per the devs, in the beginning and will be nonexistent when it would be. And again with this change, they focused entirely on survivors gameplay.

Get ready for an even longer lobby simulator for red rank survivors.



  • last0nelast0ne Member Posts: 88

    Right ! I play survivor sometimes when I want to chill out because killer is just way more stressful with ruin the way it is now smh. An let's not talk about how so many survivors run ds in red ranks no problems there

  • OutlandOutland Member Posts: 535

    I had a friend who upon just loading into a match got called away IRL, and left the game just running, when he got back, his score was like 6000 ish and he almost pipped, just one section away.

    The game has been dummied down so much an AFK person can almost pip!

  • last0nelast0ne Member Posts: 88

    Couldn't have said it better myself it was so bias it's not even funny...like maybe 80 percent of killers are running ruin in red ranks is because of how insanely fast gen speeds are...but hey gen speeds are fine right

  • SensualPotatoSensualPotato Member Posts: 66

    They 100% need to fix broken ass maps like Suffocation Pit when that window spawns open. A lot of problems originate with map design and RNG, which is already a recipe for disaster. Toolboxes are busted and need to be reworked into something else. Flashlights are whatever. Keys are busted (but so are Mori's).

    But then you have maps like Hawkin's and new Badham where 85% of the pallets are unsafe and the killer can just bloodlust all game long to get easy hits on people. Surely there's a happy middle ground between Hawkin's and Cowshed?

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

    For real, there are a ton of little things they could do to balance this out. Like reduce the number of pallets, put a cap on the number of times a survivor can be fully healed, increase killer movement speed, etc. Most killer just aren't able to apply enough map pressure to keep survivors off of gens and also chase long enough to get downs or keep survivors injured.

  • HVMBL3HVMBL3 Member Posts: 18

    If they even acknowledge the fact that a killer is weak I will never listen again. Doctor didn’t need a nerf I think that they should do what they’re doing with it but make it playable at high ranks as well.

    The Ruin nerf was so uncalled for because it was never a core issue in the first place. I have agreed with legit everything everyone is saying as well because it’s all true; they are showing favor towards one side and not making both sides fun and viable, they don’t listen to the other side of the community because they are sucking off low rank survivor mains, the devs don’t even have good reason for the nerfs their giving aside from rank 15 excuses, which really shows their rank. The main issue is the people able to learn skill aside from getting chased while their teammates rush the gens. Now there are a couple of survivor mains that really don’t like the change but there’s others who are going to take this, and play with weaker killers like a kid on Christmas

  • FondaDixFondaDix Member Posts: 31

    Omg you’re running my build! Playing survivor is a walk in the damn park. I switched to killer after a loooooong time playing survivor, because it wasn’t fun playing survivor, it’s to easy. You basically fall up the ladder to rank 1.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 1,626

    I run a similar build as Survivor. SpineChill + Kindred with a mix of Small Game/Detective's Hunch/Alert/Fixated/Inner Strength.

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

    And by the time you've been able to find 3 matches you can finish an entire audio book.

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 263

    If you had paid attention to the post, I was calling them on the BS that the rework was for the fun of both sides. They only time they talked about "fun" was from the survivor's point of view.

  • ColaGhostColaGhost Member Posts: 34

    They do realise with people playing killer, no-one can play at all right, are they trying to introduce A.I killers? Wtf?

    The Dockta changes seem dumb, I don't see these helping him at all. The ruin thing just seems like, mean spirited? Even in Green survivor ranks those gens get, powered through. This change just baffles me, like how do you look at your day, your high level meta, & think this is the best change?

    I can't wait to see how they dunk on killer mains in the future, Jesus tap dancing chirst...

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