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Quick thoughts on the changes:

Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,949
edited January 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

-New Ruin shouldn’t be a hex anymore.

-Doctor is still going to be annoying and unfun to play as and against.

-Gatekeeper and all emblems are pointless, rank doesn’t matter.

-Reminder we haven’t had a single Killer buff since Ghostface’s release.

(And Demo’s change to break pallets isn’t something I would consider a buff either, moreso a QoL change, especially considering the ability to do so was already in the game, it was just an addon. Also, Freddy was reworked, not specifically buffed. There’s a difference between changing a Killer’s entire kit and revamping a Killer’s sole ability.)

Pretty good job so far.


  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,949

    Since this was moved to suggestions, here’s some ideas towards each of these:

    -If Ruin is being ‘reworked’ into what it is now, then it should be taken into consideration that gen time should be reworked as well. This perk is now ultimately useless because it ENCOURAGES Survivors to sit on gens so that they don’t get punished, in which, original Ruin made you have to decide whether or not you should go find the totem or power through it.

    -Doctor hasn’t had a good place in the META for awhile now. This rework won’t change anything but make him worse. The rework itself should’ve reworked the Sanity system, not Doctor’s ability. Have his illusions do more, like Freddy’s trap pallets! Have Doctor’s hallucinations move around the map, have skillchecks move around the screen AS the skillcheck comes up and not sit in one place. It’s called being creative, not going the shorter route just to make a quick buck.

    -For the love of God, please, rework the rank system. Rank does NOT matter in the current state of the game. You WILL, 9/10, be paired up with ranks that you shouldn’t be with and there’s plenty of evidence for that on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Forums, Reddit, etc etc etc. Give the players rank rewards, encourage players to rank up to achieve a goal of obtaining something rather than just having a red sticker that only appears at the end of the game for everyone to not care for. And fix the lobby system while you’re at it, players want to be paired with other’s of their general ranking, not be thrown into a game with a rank 18 who got the game from a friend and is now quitting it because they got a rank 1 Spirit main.

    -Ever since Ghostface’s fiasco of a release, Killers have been getting nerfs, after nerfs, after nerfs, after nerfs. It’s ridiculous and it’s childish to continue to nerf a side that keeps the game alive when you should be BALANCING it, not having the scale fall over because one side was favored more than the other. Stop nerfing Legion and Pig. Buff Killers who need buffs, rework Killers who need reworked, and LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY WHEN THEY SAY THAT A CERTAIN KILLER IS UNDERPERFORMING RATHER THAN STICKING TO A GRAPH THAT ISN’T 100% ACCURATE.

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