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Problems and solutions

I want to know what problems are in the game. I also want to know a fix for said problems

Don't talk about a problem if you don't have any suggestions on fixing it

Maps: Gen placement in particular... I feel as if the random map generations are stale at best placing 4 man Gens on the ends of the map need to happen less often

My fix is too have 1-2 man gens on the edges of the map and have 3-4 man gens closer to the center... and have the middle Gen be the open 4 man gen... to me it would adjust game play at the start of the match: the survivors whom prefer to stay away from the killer have an opportunity to do a Gen by themselves and the 2-4 player SWF can go into the map get chased by the killer and do the Gens in the inner part of the map. It would allow players who are trying out new builds to get the most out of it (for the most part)

Don't get me wrong my fix will have problems too but now I would enjoy hearing your problems and solutions

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