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Ruin Nerf from a Survivor Main’s Perspective

bubbasbasementchestbubbasbasementchest Member Posts: 62
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First of all, it definitely is a nerf. Survivor mains claiming it’s not or telling Killer mains to stop being babies are being toxic and biased. Currently at Rank 2 (solo) and it already feels like I escape around 70% of the time and half of those escapes are “5 gens in 5 minutes” matches. If you guys are going to make Ruin less effective at the beginning and more effective at the end (which pretty much defeats the purpose of it) why not remove the Hex and turn it into a non-totem perk? I guarantee that 95 percent of matches will have Ruin cleansed before it actually becomes effective, especially since there is even more of an incentive for Survivors to find it as early as possible. Ruin prevents Killers that lack map pressure or need time to set up from being gen-rushed, and if you guys are going to turn it into a trash perk, DBD will likely turn into Facecamp the Survivor.

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