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The September 2020 Developer Update is now available.

Slowing Down the Game.

Nerfing Ruin seems to be deliberately going against the consensus of people that play the game that gens get done far too quickly. This Nerf has not been brought in alongside changes to gen times or a general change for regression. Generators should regress much more quickly if they are not being worked on anyway.

Gens should require a regular skillcheck to be completed before regression is halted so that they can't be tapped. If the Gen is left after the skillcheck it regresses normally.

Standard Regression rate needs buffed.

Post gen kick regression rate needs buffed.

Gen speeds when multiple survivors are working on them should be increased. I do not believe standard Gen time for 1 survivor on a gen should be increased. (outwith of debuffs obviously)

1 survivor - 80

2 survivors - 70

3 survivors - 60

4 survivors - 50

Skillcheck chance should be multiplied by the amount of survivors working on a generator.

Address why Ruin is used in games before nerfing it. How is being forced to stay on a generator any kind of choice for a survivor that is across the map from the killer? Have you seen how quickly 3 gens pop when Ruin isn't in use?

If you want to make it a choice between staying on the gen or leaving then New Ruin should slow generator progress as well as having the regression bonus when survivors aren't working on them. Ruin should also no longer be tied to a single Totem but have 5 stacks for each totem/hex totem on the map. The slowdown speed should be 7.5/10/12.5%, decreasing by 1.5/2/2.5% for each totem/hex totem cleansed. When all Totems are cleansed it disappears.

I find this change that you as developers are proposing to be perplexing, understandably the game shouldn't be annoying for people to play but the counter to Ruin is simply to search for it and cleanse it. Survivors shouldn't feel comfortable entering the match, the pressure is on from the beginning. I hope you take the feedback you are getting regarding this proposed change on board and see beyond the very passionate/angry responses that a change in this way wold be fundamentally bad for the game.

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