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Hope Dev's read this. Behavior Almo whoever. Peanuts Not_queen

I don't know how you test new perks and decide things. To be sure of one thing I feel as all dev's are survivor mains. They barley play killer and when they do they suffer like the rest of us. They just don't do anything about it because they don't either know how or care to do it. They finally fix D-strike after it being out for months. When a survivor has a issue though it's patched in a hotfix within days. It took them like a year and a half to fix freddy! And now after looking at those kill rates he's next on the chopping block. They just want to keep pumping chapter's out making the game worse until they go to far. And with these ruin changes your off to a good start! I didn't buy Oni he's just hillbilly with blood orbs. Not sinking another cent into a un-balanced game.


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