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Early-game Objective concept

Hello there

With the announced ruin-changes and the feedback thats followed I once again see a need for a early-game change.

The suggestion I see the most is slowing down the gen-repairspeed. This could work as well, but might hit a bit too hard in the lategame, so I wanted to present you a concept for the earlygamne only. This would, besides helping with the problem of (old) ruin beeing absolutly necessary, add a new layer to survivor gameplay and make it more interesting.

The idea is an objective that only affects the earlygame. I would add the following:

Collecting saws (or similar)

Those can be found skattered all over the map in chests (seperate once from the normal item-chests). If you pick them up it fills a recourcemeter and won't take up the normal item-slot. You can than use those tools to dismantle protective plates of steal at the generators. A gen with plates on it can't be repaired.

"But this just sounds like slowing down the gen-speed"

Yes it does, but there are some differences.

1.The progress on the plate-removel can't be regressed by kicking (or the new ruin if it gets through)

2.The removel progresses passivly, even without beeing worked on

3.Working on it greatly increases this progress speed and is only possible with the needed tools. Toolsboxes don't help here except for those with sabotage-addons or Alex's Toolbox, which are used up at the same speed as on a sabotage action.

This should slow the game down in the beginning without making a three-gen impossible to complete

(Corrupt intervention and thrilling tremors prevent the effected gens from progressing passivly)

There is another concept that is way more complex and I would recomend you to check out right here:


Feedback is welcome, but even if you think this is complete bs, state it normaly without insults or similar pls

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