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Why there was a massive outrage.

FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 360
edited January 7 in General Discussions

So aside from stating the obvious (that being the ruin changes suck) I believe what kicked off the outrage the most was the fact that the devs dropped this out of nowhere.

"hey guys doc rework is here... btw ruin got changed"

They also did this with Freddy's addons but that's not the point. The whole point of the devs is to keep us updated ahead of schedule. Announcing a big change like this a day before the PTB is just silly. The whole point of the forums is to keep the players updated on upcoming changes ahead of time so we all know what to expect. Hiding important changes like this so you can avoid some early backlash is not the best idea.

If I was a developer I would never do something like this. Hell I've seen devs talk about changes that didn't come for 1-2 months. Obviously there was some backlash but as time went on people cooled their heads and were willing to give the changes a try when they did hit the game.

I feel like BHVR are disconnecting themselves from the player base and are keeping us in the dark about important changes. Hell if that rank tally change thing is true then that's another secret that their holding from us.

Please devs stop keeping us in the dark about things like this.


  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 646
    edited January 7

    If you think they didnt had ruin nerf/complete rework in mind but i never expected them to have enough courage to do it, maybe new years resolution xD

    but imo even if they planned it ahead i dont think they should tell it sooner, why? because that wouldnt change anything in most killers minds (and those killers are mainly those that are raging right now)

    they nerfed BL because it creates infinites, now they are reworking ruin because its bulling low rank survs, im ok with both decisions

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