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Devs, listen to us before you kill this game

FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711
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After reading the recent designer notes published by the Devs, I think we all agree the points brought up by the devs are clearly survivor-biased. I would firstly like to say that I love this game and want it to prosper.

1) After working on this game for almost 4 years, the Devs still don't know what a Killer game at red ranks looks like, especially on Fractured Cowshed, Rotten Fields etc. . You can only have a shot at winning with non-viable Killers if you use Ruin, it is a must-use. The only Killers capable of winning without it are Spirit, Nurse, and maybe Billy and Hag.

If you are playing against good loopers in a strong area, you pretty much have to leave them. These strong areas are very common, especially since tiles can be interconnected in unimaginably strong ways. If all 4 Survivors are good at looping and constantly run towards this area, there is little you can do until you break all pallets. Meanwhile 3+ Gens get done.

2) Hiding the ranks of your allies and opponents after the Trial doesn't fix the matchmaking problem.

This is considered by many the essential proof that you only care about the money. You already completely ignored us last time with the Nurse changes, but this time the changes affect a sheer part of the killer players. PTBs feel like the patch release with some bugs. Giving our feedback to you feels like talking to ourselves. You really shouldn't balance the game around Rank 15-12 Survivors, this doesn't work. You should try to balance the game around all Ranks and all roles.

You should hear out what veterans have to say about those changes, they know a lot about this game, more than you think.

-They brought up Killers had too much potential with very little effort. Killers do have to put effort into it. If they don't apply pressure onto the Survivors, they'll most likely do Gens anyway, regardless if your Ruin is up or not. Additionally, Ruin normally gets destroyed in less than a minutes counting from the start of the game, meaning Survivors will continue to do Gens. The new Ruin rewards you for pulling one Survivor off a Gen, but the other will keep repairing their Gens anyway and most likely finish it.

-Making the Gatekeeper emblem easier to get does not alleviate the problems of this change. If this change is implemented, Killers will have less time in a Trial overall, and this applies to chasing survivors, hitting them, applying pressure etc. You might get a better result at the Gatekeeper emblem, but will most likely get a worst result at other emblems such as Chaser, Devout and Malicious.

-The key problem with this game is not Ruin, it's actually the bad map design for both sides. Some Maps are just broken for either side, and this is in part due to RNG. It's possible for only Jungle Gyms to spawn on the Map. Meanwhile, it's also possible for only T-Walls to spawn on the Map. There are also some strong combinations of tiles, for example on Thompson's House: Shack + Jungle Gym + Sacrificial Tree + Generic Loop. These are 4 Pallets interconnected, including some vaults and 3 good loops. This shouldn't be possible, it buys so much time for the Survivors. This change to Ruin could only be implemented if the maps had been well-designed. This is unfortunately not the case.

Some Maps like The Underground Complex and Treatment Theatre are killer-sided, whilst Rotten Fields, Haddonfield and Fractured Cowshed are very survivor-sided.

-I play both sides equally and frankly, I can't imagine how a non-viable could beat a good team on a survivor-sided map without Ruin. Gens will get done far too quick. Even with the new system, you might only get a bronze or so Gatekeeper. The other emblems might be better or worse.


  • FleeceFleece Member Posts: 256
  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,821

    The sky isn't falling. The game isn't dying. But I do agree that nerfing ruin without addressing why killers used ruin in the first place is a mistake. Killers used ruin because it was the only effective perk at slowing down the game at the start. This game is incredibly snowbally. If either side gets too much momentum at the start of the game it is very difficult if not impossible to recover. What should have been done a long time ago is for some kind of counter-snowball mechanic to be introduced.

    For example, during the start of the game there is a penalty towards repairing generators whenever 4 survivors are alive and none are in the dying state or hooked. Then when survivors start dying the remaining survivors get a bonus toward generator repair speed for each missing survivor. The actual % for the penalty and bonus could get tweaked until you get the desirable results of something that feels fair to both sides.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 711

    You're right, but the problem is not keeping the Gens untouched while applying pressure, it's essentially applying pressure. Certain areas of some maps are overly strong, and you cannot down any Survivor sitting there unless you are playing with a viable Killer (if they know what they are doing, of course).

    In a situation where you could down survivors and apply pressure, you would be totally right.

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