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Devs, please

This one time, you need to hear the community out, or else you'll start destroying the game.

Hiding the ranks of other players on the Tally Screen does not fix the broken matchmaking. It might be an even more serious problem than the changes to Ruin. Now that Ruin will get changed, queue times at red ranks will become increasingly longer, causing the matchmaking to perform even worse. I assume you knew this was gonna happen, because it sounds odd that you made both changes on the same patch out of coincidence.

Please hear what this game's veterans have to say, they really know a lot about this game and have balancing in their hearts. You have already ignored the community last time with the Nurse changes, if you do it this time around, you'll end up destroying the game, and us, fans and players of this game, are trying to save Dead by Daylight.


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