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2 Traps by Default for the trapper

1 trap is nothing... i go for traps around all the map and what happen... 2 gens or 3 gens READY and 3 traps disarmed... so... trapper still useless in my opinion... hard to play with his power, maybe every 40 seconds the trap would be armed again, also a reword for the ultra rare addon (iris... stone) every 20 or 10... someone can tell me use addons, ok then... i need to use always addons for 2 traps? and when i out of addons and bloodpoints.... let's hope the trapper start with 2 traps... is nearly imposible in 1 ranks everybody destroying ur power... what do u think?


  • pandorayrpandorayr Member Posts: 540
    edited August 2018

    I agree.. With these changes I think it would be a important killer.

    Inflicts the Dying State upon the trapped victim if are is injured.
    2 Traps by default.
    Installing traps takes 2 seconds.
    All traps are slightly darkens by default.

    Trapper Sack: Start with 1 extra Bear Trap. Allows the transportation of 1 extra Bear Traps. (this addon is repeated I propose to buff the Trapper Bag)

    Trapper Bag: Start with 2 extra Bear Trap. Allows the transportation of 2 extra Bear Traps. (+1 trap)

    Stitched Bag: Start with 3 extra Bear Traps. Allows the transportation of 3 extra Bear Traps. (+1 trap)

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