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How satisfied are with the new ruin ?

Docs don't add this question in the new survey so I will do for them. After you answer please explain ( as much calming as you can ) why you believe that.

Note: Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you for your time.

How satisfied are with the new ruin ? 25 votes

Very satisfied
danielbird11 1 vote
Neither satisfied nor unsatisfied
CloakedDagger1Hex_KillerMainBTW 2 votes
TAGXerge 2 votes
Very unsatisfied
myers_obsessionGUOGUORaveanRIP_LegionmonkaLeyoyoKingOfGhostPokemonGOPlayerHuneferkinderjazenTheSaintSelon 11 votes
For what I watched I like it
Spannungsstoß 1 vote
For what I watched I don't like it
lunaticlifterJillSandwichLEschatologueMrWhyteEluluelulu 5 votes
I don't really care
Aven_FallenEDDIERAMIREZ999KingOfBadRNG 3 votes


  • MrWhyteMrWhyte Member Posts: 2
    For what I watched I don't like it

    Ruin is still a hex perk and can be cleansed at the start of the game. Ruin can be good with surveillance, but that means you have to use two perk slots to get a good result. This combo can only truly work if you play a killer with a lot of map pressure such as Nurse or Billy. Also due to the changes, survivors are going to genrush even more with multiple people on the gen to counter ruin. Can't regress what is being worked on and with only 2 survivors on the generator it can be completed within 44 seconds. Ruin does shine if there is a 3 gen scenario, but most of the time it will be cleansed by then.


    Ruin is still hex perk and doesn't work on most killers.

  • KingOfGhostKingOfGhost Member Posts: 89
    Very unsatisfied

    I play 20 with ruin and with my best killer. New ruin add nothing to the game and have all the negative old ruin have with nothing new. I have to said tho that ruin + Surveillance is a good combo that will be nerf to the ground.

  • SpannungsstoßSpannungsstoß Member Posts: 938
    For what I watched I like it

    I like the change, but it shouldnt be a hex perk, maybe make it so that it doesnt have a synergy with surveillance and it should be good.

  • Hex_KillerMainBTWHex_KillerMainBTW Member Posts: 329
    Neither satisfied nor unsatisfied

    From playing with it on the ruin, it's not my favorite or least favorite now. I kind of wish they would remove it as a totem perk. Maybe hopefully they'll buff surge. Cause honestly this is how surge should have been and people probably would've stopped using ruin awhile ago in favor of it

    I don't really care

    Very satisfied mostly bc I never use ruin on my killers when I first started upgrading my killers the hag was the last I didnt know it was very useful but got use to not using it. I go back and for killer to survivor solos

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