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Overall PTB Feedback

I know that there are a lot of posts about the different changes, but I wanted to give my feedback on all the changes as far as I can.


Just...no. It is a Hex-Perk that has the risk of breaking but not the high reward. Its a nice Perk concept, but it should be a seperat Perk an not the new ruin. Old ruin was annoying but you could just go and break it or work through it. It slowed down the game the way it was needed in high rank. It also blocks Perks like "Pop goes the weasle".

Suggestion: Get back the old ruin, slow down gen repair or add another mechanic (This one is really good I think: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/974346#Comment_974346 ). The current PTB-Ruin could be a new future Perk if you change the fact that it is a Hex and blocks Pop etc.

2.Hospital Map

The optic is really nice and I like it. I can't say all that much about the gameplay aspect, but it really feels like a map that belongs in a horror game now.


I agree that he needed a bit of a rework. He was annoying to play against and not really effectiv. But this isn't a nice rework, it's pretty much a straight up nerf. The static field is a nice idea, but has some flaws. The new music is really fitting...maybe a bit too much. It really makes you go insane after a while, and you probably here it a lot as killer. And the snap-out-changes are just too much.

Suggestions: Static field should have a shorter cooldown when it doesn't hit anyone. Not 5 seconds or something, but shorter. It just feels like a waste of your ability. And you know if you hit a survivor anyway, even with calm spirit.

The music should be a bit different, at least on the killer side. The killer will here it like 70% of the match, survivors way less.

The snap-out-action shouldn't save the progress. It feels wrong if a survivor can just snap out during a chase. Yes, you can chock him during that, but still, it doesn't feel right. It would also reward the killer for putting pressure on the survivor. The fixed number of Skillchecks is fine, less RNG is always nice. The reduced penalty for missing is too much, those skillchecks really aren't hard. Maybe, if you really want to change a thing there, set the progress back to 0 like before but remove the scream after a failed skillcheck.

Dropping to Madness I is ok as well, as long as the madness can be build back up quicker than with the old doc. It gives the survivor the ability to get rid of all madness-effects (like you can get rid of every other effect any killer can but on you) but doesn't force the doc to constatly shock people back wasting a lot of time.

Speaking of which, the 3 sec cooldown is a bit too much as well. It should at least be reduced between shocks and in my opinion between shock and attack as well. This long cooldown makes the effect, that you can't use a pallet/window/etc. after getting shocked pretty much useless, because you can just kinda wait there after getting shocked, you can drop it after, no risk of getting hit.

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