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The Good,the Bad and the Mediocre

Well, this is my impression from the matches that I played in the PTB, both as a survivor and Killer. So in general:

The Good:

-Oni has his flick back (not as good as before, but is something)

-The reworked map looks awesome, a lot of atmosphere and feeling on it.

-The new music is pretty good.

-I maybe wrong, but it feels like the Doctor’s effects had been touched, like the electricity looks better. Although perhaps is just the lightning on the reworked map.

The Bad:

-Ruin, what else? The thing is that it could be a decent perk on its own, but it is not Old Ruin, so is just useless, and its loss is going to damage a lot of medium-low tier killers, that are the ones that needed Old Ruin the most. It barely does anything for most of the game, as a hex is not going to last and the only reason that it has lasted in my games is that people don’t know the new remade map. When I had a game in another map, ruin was gone in moments.

Also, sorry, I don’t want to sound mean, but I remember a dev talking about New Ruin is very insidious and not experienced survivors may not know that you are using...so I go in a game and in the first gen, I work on it for a moment and then I let go: Very obvious sparks and sounds happen and I got the hex icon on the screen, basically screaming that the Killer has ruin.

Only very new survivors could be fooled and not immediately realize that you have Ruin, so it doesn’t even work on that regard.

The Mediocre

-The Doctor: It is not as bad as the Legion rework, but it is on the same line of thought. They change a few things, but the Killer is not really that buffed, we are not talking about Freddy here, the Doctor is mostly on the same place, perhaps a little worse, but really, most of his issues and weakness when playing as a killer remain.

His Blast is fun to use, and it is easier to find survivors with it, but the cooldown makes using therapy in a chase basically useless, like I am not suppose to be relieve when the Doctor that is chasing me uses Shock Therapy, because I know that I have 3 seconds where he can’t do anything to me. And survivors can deal with madness with such easy that you barely get the worth from the add-ons.

So, my opinion about changes that have to happen to actually buff the Doctor and make him a little better?

-The Cooldown has to be reduced a lot, at the very least, lasting the same time than when you had to switch instances.

-The nerf to Madness have to go, all of them would be the right choice, but specially progress being kept even if you stop snap out of it and the skill checks not resetting. Madness is suppos to waste time, but it barely does that now, like other certain Killer. Yes, it was made to be less annoying for new survivors, but for them, everything is going to be annoying, so I doubt that it is going to change. For survivors with even a little experience, Madness is just going to be a breeze.

-Exhaustion add-on should be back. Add-ons should really had more effects on Madness 3 that affect at least a little the chase, specially if now is so easy to snap out of it.

-And really, at this point, this is impossible and just a wild dream of what could have been, but when people spoke about Reworked Doctor, I thought that it would be cool if you could have an add-on in which you could affect generators that are not worked on (is electricity after all), perhaps with blast or even, by shortening the range by a lot, your shock therapy being capable of hurting a survivor, even if just Deep Wound.

I have to be sincere, these last few months have broken most of my faith in the devs and their methodology to buff and nerf perks and killers, so I now that the patch is going to have things that I will hate, but I hope that the devs learn from this backlash and go back in some of the choices that they have made, because this can’t go live as it is.


  • guitonielleguitonielle Member Posts: 17
    edited January 8

    doctor is not worse, he was greatly buffed

    previous version of the doctor:

    was needed 30 seconds of waiting that to up madness of hidden survivors near. And survivors had a lot of time (30 sec are - a lot) that to go outside from the terror, or to go inside locker.

    new version of the doctor:

    blast (with increased power by purple addon) insta raises madness level. And you receive insta detection of all survivors near. and for 60 sec, while you will catch and down survivor, blast will restores that to insta detect new victim.

    In the last PTB match i have played vs 4 red ranks, and all they was without any chances to repair last generator. 4 skilled people can't repair 1 gen for 26 minutes.

    Why? I'll explain. Take "Iron Maiden" + addons which increase blast madness and radius of the blast, and then:

    1. Blast and all people insta receive madness 3 and need time that to remove it. While they do this - you down 1 of them or at least hit 1, and 3 people have only 10 sec before new blast that to repair something.
    2. again blast and again all people must remove madness 3, 1 downed or busy (because injured + madness 3) and you detect all others. you down or hit the next and damage generator.
    3. again blast, people can't repair because again insta madness 3 and everybody - injured, and all repeats.

    Even if you don't down people - insta madness 3 to everybody - is perfect thing.

    Previous version of the doctor was much more weaker. So, i already like the new doctor.

    P.S.: rewok of the map is perfect. i found alive rats :-P

  • HexTotemHexTotem Member Posts: 3

    Guitonielle, while some changes are good, definitely with blast being a better tracking and madness generator then Static Field, I still do think that this new Doc feels weaker. Old Doc had some chase potential, while with this new one survivors know they have almost 3 seconds to run away as The Doctor can't do anything for that time. Yes they can't vault windows or pallets for 2.5 seconds but that stun is shorter then Doc's cooldown. As a lot have people have said Doc needs to have his cooldown reduced to what it was when switching to Punishment, or to 1.5 seconds so that there are real consequences to being shocked. other then gaining a annoying debuff. Madness does little to nothing to players at just even rank 12-1, and now that it's easier for players to get rid of madness it's going to become even more useless.

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