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There were no need to change anything except Ranking system

Recent PTB Change doctor and hex ruin.in my opinion no need to change anything except matchmaking system.Now In dead by daylight player level with 20 got match with level 2 and in match lobby there were no system to view the others players rank thats why new comer in this game play with higher rank player and leave this game too soon.

Just devs need changing matchmaking system even in group lobby 3 players are in rank 1 and another with rank 20 grouped in lobby and they got match with level 20 killer.

In future if all players in lobby can able to see each others rank then they able to decide if they go further with this type of matchmaking or not(killers can able to see all survivors rank and survivors also able to see killers rank)then they will able to decide if they happy with this matchmaking or not.

I think there is no need in changing doctors or hex ruin perk.hex ruin change now totally unbalanced perk.

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