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BHVR is destroying the killers (HEX RUIN)


BHVR literally you deserve bankruptcy in DBD. You are giving all possible advantages to survivors. you forget that there are killers in the game. I only see nerf and nerf and nerf and nerf in the killers and now nerf in a top 3 killer perk literally now it's going to be practically impossible to play from red rank killer against the maltid SWF who are in communication all the time saying "The Killer IT IS WITH ME MAKE GEN RUSH AI "



  • pandorayrpandorayr Member Posts: 516

    I agree this game is dead now

  • sammy07085sammy07085 Member Posts: 9

    I disagree, I believe that the ruin changes are good for both sides with the right killer build ruin is OP but I do believe that they need to tweak the new ruin a bit by hiding the totems better or finding a way where it doesn't get taken out with in the first few minutes of the game starting. Also I believe that devs made these changes with something else in mind for future updates. That being said this game is definitely not dead nor are the devs making changes to only benefit the survivors balancing a game takes time and a lot of suggestions and feed back.

  • JessbydaylightJessbydaylight Member Posts: 34

    1. Its is dead if 80% of the killer mains refuse to play killer after the patch goes live.

    2. They wont hide totems better, that's a sin. "Its hard for new players to find totems so we spawn them in open ground"<~~ Thats what they'll say in upcoming months.

    3. Did i like old ruin? No. Was it strong? When it lasted 5 mins, yes. Did i want ruin to changes? Yes because it was unhealty to see it in every game. Is the new ruin good? No, its absolutely terrible for a hex perk. Its semi good late game by the time hex will be destroyed.

    4. Anyone who thinks this hex change was a good one has no idea of balance. Gens get done in 48 secs with a brandnew part. Imagine if your chases are longer than 20-30 seconds, which mostly they are in red ranks. You lose one gen per chase very easily. You hook 3 different people, you already have 1 or 2 gens left. That all is considered if you chase them down in 30 seconds, which realisticly doesnt always happen. Even good killer can be looped for 50-60 seconds on safer areas if played properly.

    5. New ruin is good in late game, but very good in 3 gen situations(dont happen often) and even if that does happen and ruin somehow manages to last till 1 or 2 gens, survivors can always use keys because thats totally not broken. Do you really think ruin was more OP than keys?? Seriously?

    6. I love the doc changes, no complaints about that. The new map is an absolute beast, couldn't have asked for a better rework.

    7. I've played 4 survivor games(live) today, each had no ruin but every single one of them had a ebony mori. People are gonna rely on using even unhealthier perks like noed and will tunnel and slug.

    8. In short, new ruin hasn't made killers trash, but it has taken their ability to play nicely. You cant go in a game and expect someone to not tunnel you. Freddy players will become prominent in red ranks as well.

    If you read all the way through, congratulations. I dont think I've said something even remotely contradicting but feel free to share your opinion.

  • TheWorldconsumerTheWorldconsumer Member Posts: 81

    The biggest issue I have with this "change" is how the Devs said they need to change the scoring of the Gatekeeper emblem to even make it possible to alter the perk at all; this alone shows how much of a core gameplay element this perk alone has become.

    They openly admit that it is MANDATORY in high level plays- 80% usage in red ranks speaks for itself...... but instead of altering the core issue, gens being done too fast, they make the perk less viable in my eyes.

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