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Sounds from killer pov

TKTKTKTK Member Posts: 568
edited January 9 in Feedback and Suggestions

I'm really tired of being deaf as killer, let me hear them running around like i used to. I don't feel like I'm playing against the players but the terribly optimized game at this point. It's just so annoying, chase music can blare in my ears while they get passive iron will sometimes and ninja steps. I'm sure alot of people that want to play killer every now and then won't notice it but the people that play killer often knows that killers are now handicapped because of sounds being broken every other patch, it's getting really old at this point Devs, could someone just be in charge of not letting the sounds get f**ked every chapter that'd be great.

I posted this in general discussion but nobody really had much to say but I like someone from Behavior to give us some info on if the sounds will ever be fixed, the PTB still has sh*t sounds btw.


  • UxoricideUxoricide Member Posts: 201

    when i play killer survivors would gain iron will without having it and i couldn't hear them, despite standing next to them when they were crouching in a bush... AND i had stridor :D

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