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Will account transfer soon become a thing?

I started playing Dead by Daylight since it's free release on ps4 during the BBQ event. I've just bought a gaming pc and I have so much things on my ps4 account that I have grinded and purchased for. I think it's a shame that if I get the game I would have to start all over from the beginning again. If anyone is interested about my progress then continue reading...


- Every killer except legion, clown, plague, and freddy are lvl 50 (I have every teachable perk for free killers and ones I've purchased).

- wraith is p3 lvl 50, myers is p2 lvl 50, and ghostface is p2 lvl 50.

- I also have purchased a huge amount of perks from the perk shrine.

- My overall lvl is devotion 1 80.


- I don't play survivor much. However I have every free survivor teachable.

- My Feng is p3 lvl 50 and My Jake is p1 lvl 50

-- Overall I've also purchased numerous outfits for feng and a lot of cosmetics for killers as said before. It kind of sucks so see this progress I've made in the past to be lost considering I'm making a choice to leave console gaming for pc gaming. Hopefully an account transfer will come into play eventually.

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