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Doctor feedback

Doctor is my go-to killer to play. I'd say that the Doc V 1.0 primary shock was really fun because it felt like survivors were facing a "brick wall" and it felt good to use to stop pallet loops. But overall. I dont think they changes are bad at all.

Lery's felt like a really good map and the engine update played very smooth. I did not get stutter, jitter or have those weird feelings of hitbox issues.

I'd be willing to take back a few dirty things i've said in the past. It feels like the game works.


  • TheWorldconsumerTheWorldconsumer Member Posts: 81
    edited January 2020

    I figured the best way to make use of the Doc´s new ability is to bring a maxed Whispers along: it lights up, you WILL hit em for sure with his blast except if you decreased your terror radius in any way.

    Also, now you have to actually WORK a little to get em mad, sorry for the pun XD- meaning you cannot just switch mode and wait around anymore doing nothing but standing; now you gotta press active ability and wait 😂

    What I personally would like though: make his new special charge a certain chunk if he hits someone with his normal attack- gives you the feel of being rewarded for using it to flush out survs and gives incentive for actually hitting and hunting instead of just waiting for it to recharge slowly to use it again.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 528

    I dont ever run locator and aura perks. I generally get put up against De Pip Squads and never get to utilize things like BBQ, Nurses, and Whispers. SO it is all-in, All-out action.

    Clown-phobia, Thanata, Enduring, and either spirit furry or Bamboozle.

    I guess for the most part I am okay with the changes. I know that there is quite a bit of unhappy responses about Hex: Ruin. But I guess for me. I really dont mind it.

    I'd like to see an ECG rework. If it gets the last survivor out the door vs this cat n mouse stuff. I'd rather see that.

  • TheOneElricTheOneElric Member Posts: 59

    Change (Or remove, my preference ) the cooldown between shocking and hitting to the 1 sec it was before ( When switching from treatment to punishment ) and EITHER let them snap out of it to madness one OR keep the progress of snapping out.

    Lower cooldown of the "ultimate" to 45 seconds.

    Then we're golden

    Oh and let us adjust the chase music volume?...

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,083

    I've been playing the new Doctor a bit now and I think his rework is so good. His shock therapy is now actually really good in chases, while still allowing counterplay to survivors.

    I know some have been complaining about the 3 second cooldown after using Shock Therapy, but I really think it is needed. This way, if survivors are able to avoid his shock therapy, they have 3 seconds of time to get to a pallet and drop it before he can hit you. Which is important, because at longer loops, Doctor can simply deny you the pallet every time you approach it and then catch up to you like that.

    He also turns certain unmindgameable loops into mindgameable ones. Pallets with one long loop and a short one for example. If the pallet is dropped, the Doctor can simply shock the survivor whenever he is approaching the pallet from the long loop, forcing him to keep running and use the pallet after running around the short loop, creating the mindgame whether he slides over the pallet or not.

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