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Who do you find more enjoyable to play as?

AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 665

Who do you find more enjoyable to play as? 57 votes

dragobvAdelooPandomPeasantAlmoAxX7891HoodiedWalker_of_the_fog_96EsperiaesensualsatanXxkuroxshiroxXMasantonioAhoyWolfCarlosyluCreepingcam1070SebaOutbreakilyDwightAneurysmNhekiiPolychrome_Baku 22 votes
aGoodOldRubPuggyMohawkBossMegaWaffleDr_Trautsgrayon444xEaNikotiinioTechnicmrpiesellerBrucecastro81pichumudkipFilledPizzaEndstilleXergeWRussoWASadGaymerQuentinBestGirl 18 votes
I don't enjoy playing as those two Killers
FrozenMelonCrtKazzAztreonam78TheLegendDyl4n1Fog_KingGrootDudethen4321ABannedCatcricketscornertoxicmeggDetailedDetrimentEnderloganYTZtarShotppo8820Poktherikonamjuunn 17 votes


  • Mang_AnwarMang_Anwar Member Posts: 21
    edited January 10

    Oni has to charge his power before he can use it, and I find it interesting and more challenging to play as.

    Hillbilly on the other hand is too easy to play as in my opinion.

    That being said, I enjoy playing as challenging killer more than the others.

  • Polychrome_BakuPolychrome_Baku Member Posts: 228

    Oni feels less generic to play, and yells a lot. Two things I like.

  • ilyDwightilyDwight Member Posts: 145

    Oni is a more balanced billy tbh

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,200

    Hillbilly as I can traverse the map at increased speed whenever i want and not have to wait.

    I also feel like a sex icon in my red plaid shirt.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 1,118

    There is hardly anything left that provides the amount of fun you get when you curve a loop and hit that chainsaw.

  • NikotiiniNikotiini Member Posts: 41

    Oni's power definitely feels satisfying from time to time but it also makes me want to rip my hair out 99% of the time when it doesn't work

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 3,911

    Oni's Armor footsteps make me think I'm the Terminator so that's a plus. Besides, I have been wanting a blood sucking killer for years so this is right up my alley.

  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 47

    Oni feels very rewarding to play, and progressively gets stronger over the course of a trial. Once his flick comes back with the mid-chapter patch, he's going to be in a much better place.

  • Fog_KingFog_King Member Posts: 140
    I don't enjoy playing as those two Killers

    While the Hillbilly seems to be a great killer, I'm terrible with the chainsaw and I just don't find the Oni interesting.

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 728

    I feel that the oni has more mobility when I make big turns, something that hillbilly can't.

  • SebaOutbreakSebaOutbreak Member Posts: 131

    While I'm still learning Oni, I find him much more entertaining and rewarding than the Hillbilly... I simply suck with the chainsaw.

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