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A quick thank you to the dev team.

I know there is a lot of drama flying around the forums right now with the SPICY PTB changes and all, but I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the entire dev team and everyone else at behavior for the PS4 server update! It is amazing! I finally have a constant, smooth ping in every lobby now, my friend can consistently join my group of buddies now without getting NAT type errors every other lobby, window and pallet hits look and feel more consistent for both sides rather then looking fair for killer but sometimes feeling BS for survivors. Lastly Nurse... OMG nurse is amazing now!! Her massive issue of dropping 10-15 frames every single time she blinks that has plagued console players for years now has finally been fixed with the dedicated servers update, she feels incredibly smooth and consistent now and its great, I finally feel like it is worth it to practice on and learn her, and I look forward to the rise of nurse players that will hit console in the near future now I'm sure. This update has truly resparked my passion for this game and me and my friends have been having an amazing time since it went up, so thank you so much to everyone at Behavior!


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