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Let's "reverse" Hex Ruin's change with a another ability that actually helps in mid game.

SurikatoSurikato Member Posts: 85
edited January 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

Here is my suggestion:

-You gain tokens when the entity is summoned on a hooked survivor.

-You can gain tokens up to 4 tokens.

-Each token decrease the gen repair speed by 5%/5.5%/6%

-When the hex totem breaks, the effect will last for 30 seconds.


  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    não gostei pois ainda continua sendo um hex.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 569

    I kind of floated the idea around Ranks vs number of generators. With SWF being a variable. It might not be the best idea. But it is better than nothing.

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