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Console Reporting

Bubozk3Bubozk3 Member Posts: 2
edited January 10 in Feedback and Suggestions

Please help your community help you clean up by making console reporting easier.

The forum thread about In Game Rules describes a form you fill-out. I assume that's PC only because anytime I report a player within DBD game menus on PS4, it's just a one-tap click into the void of the internet.

I've heard from some streamers that console reporting is just a placebo because of licensing/IP/privacy issues. I sincerely hope that's not true...


  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 280

    I'd like to see them go about it with the whole SRCDS rules. Not every day can we all be cheerful happy gamers and honestly there is some stuff out there that both parties do to upset one another.

    Some revisions should be up for discussion such as lobby chat REMOVAL and Mute Bans. As well as False reports monitoring.

    With Cheating infractions being a permaban.


    Mine was really cool that I had on our GAMING Server for Steam.

    I could pull up a list of reports and look at players with HIGH numbers of infractions and looked at the infractions. (comments). If they were players being bullied and they were RESPONDING to what others said. I'd generally just leave it alone.

    If it was someone starting arguments, I'd issue a message ID from console. For the player ID that logged in and it said they were under a Mute action. It had it say how to access the ID on our Website database. There, they could poke in the infraction ID and look AT their infractions and the messages they typed. I'd put in a footnote as to why we chose the action and proof of what they said.

    I'd at most put a mute action from 4-6 hours, and progress it up to a 9 month at most. By then players generally cleaned up their act. It kept ad revenue rolling in and worked well.

  • Bubozk3Bubozk3 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for being constructive. I generally avoid forums because it usually isn't.

    I finally did because the forums got an overhaul and it seems this online forum community is getting some love and attention. 👍

    Interesting to hear what you've done behind the scenes as I've no experience with it. I imagine the gathered data and knowledge by individuals who perform those actions can be invaluable information as insight for additional balancing from common pain points.

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