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Is Spies from the Shadows an underrated perk?

Played a few games as Spirit the other day and noticed how helpful Spies from the Shadows is, especially when players are moving stealthily around the outskirts of the map. My question is why don’t more killers use it? Sure, it’s somewhat map dependent (because some maps have tons of crows and some have very little), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a killer’s build when looking at the post-match stats.


  • yermomyermom Member Posts: 155

    I got to rank 1 as Leatherface using Spies from the Shadows, Whispers, BBQ, and Ruin.

    It actually used to be better; Disturbed crows would create a loud noise notification 75% of the time. But a lot of people thought it would be better if it was 100% of the time. The devs changed it, but then randomly thought it was a problem 'being bombarded' with notifications, so they gave it a 5 second cooldown which made it worse than when you had a 75% chance to receive a notification.

    After playing the game long enough, though, you just learn to lookout for what crows are doing as you travel around. If you see one take off, you know a survivor is there, if you see one land, you know a survivor was nearby. Look around for other crows landing to get on their trail.

  • 53nation53nation Member Posts: 677

    I used to use this on Hag around green ranks. It's not bad. But it lost it's playing time once I acquired some better talent on my bench.

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    People use it. I can't really say if it's underrated or not. I don't like it at all. Just like whispers imo I think it gives you information that you can gain anyway if you have good game awareness. But if you like it and it's helping then awesome.

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 848

    Very good perk after the buff, very bad perk after the nerf. It's deeply unfortunate that it was only really worth using for about a month.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Its a good perk, its rather underrated. But it still has its downsides. For instance, having to hook a Survivor next to a crow, the perk will constantly go off without giving you any actual information. This is both annoying and misleading. Theres also the fact that its very map dependant.

    Despite all that, a solid choice that needs a couple of QoL changes.

  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 905

    I haven't used Spies for a while, cause BBQ is my tracking perk in my main loudout. Though, while doing the disturb crows challenge, I played survivor. First map was Coal Tower and I actively searched out the crows to disturb them. I found 4 crows total. I'm not sure if it's bad RNG or old maps just lack crows in general. Meanwhile next game was on Sanctrum and there were crows everywhere. I wouldn't use a perk that's so map dependent.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    It's good on stealthy killers

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    But generally you'll hear crows without this perk

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,929
    edited January 2020

    More like it's an outdated perk.

  • Go_Go_RobotoGo_Go_Roboto Member Posts: 330

    I just soundwhore, you'd be surprised how loud survivors actually are.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    I use to run it on my Pig and did enjoy it after awhile. The problem is I can already figure out who is going where and the slot Spies takes up could have been made more useful. Now if you really want to be mean to yourself try the following:

    Play Doc and use Spies from the shadows, Infectious fright, Rancor, Discordance

    Basically you will have so many explosions on your screen and in your ears you will end up with PTSD.

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