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Question for anybody who's bought clothing from the DBD Merch Store

DaltonioDaltonio Member Posts: 21

How do they fit? Looking into buying a couple of shirts (Nea's and maybe a Trapper) but wondering if the sizes are good or if I should go up one if they fit a little tight.

In the US if it makes a difference.


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,245
    edited January 11


    From what I hear the sizes are fine, I haven't really heard any dissatisfaction with anyone who's purchased it.

    You should be good when it comes to the size you fit in my opinion, but I personally can't tell you if it "fits a little right" as I haven't gotten a shirt from the store.

    Try looking at some reviews "If any exist" or something around the internet about the sizes, if nothing comes up about size issues than you should be fine.

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