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I suggest this idea

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All killers are expensive for the time of day. We all see and understand that developers do not care about the opinion of the killer community. Every patch we see corrections, recycling or weakening of the perks or skills of the killers. I suggest, make a Disband.On a particular chosen day. More specifically: All killers who read this and agree with this post - simply do not enter the game and accordingly do not stand up in the search for games. Don 't want to listen to us normally in forums? Okay, let them listen when the online games and game search time are down. Maybe then the killers 'requests will be listened to? I suggest we continue this until:

1) Do not cancel fix Hex: Ruin

2) Until the Killer community starts hearing and listening. By the second point I propose to collect in one pile all perks that had to be cut in survivors for a long time and provide them as requirements for the developer. Otherwise, continue disband until developers meet at least 50% of the requirements on the list. That 's all I wanted to say.

P.S. Addressing Developers: You are constantly listening to some survivors at the forum. But did you play what you did? At least one of the developers entered the game after correcting the killer or perk and played with the PLAYERS community rather than his colleagues? I think none of the developers did. How tired it is already, to see in each patch: "Survivors are annoyed by this skill in killers and we will cut." For once, a normal such ONCE would listen to killers and write: "Killers are annoyed by such skills - we will cut them". You can delete the theme I created. But on the reddit, you won 't. Personally, I, like most other players-already on the most glands, am fed up with your one-sided attitude towards the community

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