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DBD tournament on PC (RDT Wintermute) prize is 160$ (10000 RUB)

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Dead by Daylight teambased game. so it is 4v4 tourtament. maximum number of team members is 8. The tournament is held according to the Swiss system, i.e. bleed the game. Among the two teams held a duel of 2 matches. In each match, one team confronts the killer - the representative of the other team. The goal of the survivors and the killer: to score the most points per match. After two matches played, the winning team is the one with the highest total points. In case of equality of points, the winner is determined at the qualifying stages and up to the semifinal by the sum of the bloodpoints for 2 matches, starting from the semifinal and above by holding additional matches up to the winning one. The point system is described below.

•   How will matches be played?

For the tournament on the discord server will be specially created closed rooms for each team.In case of texture bugs and others, inform the organizer IMMEDIATELY at the beginning of the match. It is recommended that at least one member of the surviving team keep a record of the game on their part in order to avoid disagreements and disputes. Match results and match recording will also be saved on the organizer's channel. All matches will be broadcasting.

•   Scoring system:

For survivors:

Each finished generator - 2 points

Escape from the map of each survivor, without being hocked - 4 points

Escape from the map of each survivor, after 1 hoking - 3 points

Escape from the map of each survivor, after 2 hoking - 2 points

For the killer:

Each unfinished generator - 1 point

The first hanging of each survivor - 2 points

The second hanging of each survivor - 1 point

The third hanging of each survivor - 2 points

Killing a survivor with your own hands - 2 points + those points that would go for missed stages on the hook.

Killing by collapse -2 points + those points that would go for missed stages on the hook.

•   Requirements for participants:

To participate are accepted teams of 4-8 people. Everyone in the team must be members of the discord server . It is strictly forbidden to substitute players or change the composition of teams after the start of the tournament without coordination with the organizer of the tournament. The organizer can either agree to a change in composition (if there are good reasons for this), and refuse. Teams will be grouped by the average number of hours in a game per 1 team member (the sum of all hours in a team’s game divided by the number of participants) and the level of players in a team. Based on this figure and the presence of tournament experience, 2 groups of teams will be composed. It is forbidden to create new accounts for getting into a weaker group, it is also necessary to provide information on the hours of all accounts of players, even banned ones, in order to compile the correct amount of hours. In the case of attempts to bypass this rule to hit the weaker net, the team will be disqualified. When registering, you must specify the team captain, steam and discord profiles of team members, the amount of hours in the game for the whole team. It is forbidden to use any programs that facilitate the game.

Team captains need to specify

convenient ways to communicate with other captains (profile VK, discord, etc.),

add a friend to the tournament organizer in the Steam

(https://steamcommunity.com/id/justnikitka/) to be able to create matches

Discord (Nikitka # 8644) in the personal messages of the name of his team in

the case of registration in the tournament through group VK. In the event of

suspicion of a scam, the game stops, and the suspect player is checked for the

presence of third-party funds by the organizer. Also, at the discretion of the

organizer, any player of the playing teams can be checked for the presence of

prohibited programs and texture changes after the game. To do this, the

selected participant will need to send to the organizer a report on all running

programs and actions on the computer from the moment it was turned on,

performed using LastActivityView (will be sent by the organizer). The program

does not require installation, is not malicious and easy to use, it takes only

a few times to click the mouse. This action is required to be performed at the

request of the organizer. Also, the team captain may request verification of a

player of another team, in case of consent of the organizer, verification is

also mandatory. If the participant being checked cannot explain the purpose of

the suspicious program, refuses to show it to the organizer, refuses to send

the report, tries to falsify the report results, he is considered to have

violated the rules and his entire team is disqualified. Therefore, it is

recommended not to run any software that gives advantages, even in other games,

or unfamiliar programs before the match, otherwise they will be regarded as

giving advantages in dbd.

•   Prize fund:

The prize fund is awarded in proportion to 3 leader teams:

1st place - 7000 rub (115$)

2nd place - 2000 rub (33$)

3rd place - 1000 rub (15$)

•   Rules for survivors:

1) The survivors are allowed all the perks, except for the combination of a dead hard + mettle of man.

2) The team allowed all accelerating perks in the amount of 2 pieces (2 sprints + 2 dead hard + 2 lithe + 2 balanced landing + 2 adrenaline + Head On), the other perks cannot be repeated.

3) The same nicknames are prohibited in the team.

4) The same characters are forbidden in the team (they may differ in visually different skins).

5) Prohibited any offerings.

6) Survivors are allowed to take at the beginning of the match 1 gray first-aid kit, 1 gray box box, 1 green flashlight. Any improvements except ultra and very rare are allowed.

7) It is forbidden to use any bugs (dead zones for the killer and stack in textures).

8) It is forbidden to get items from the chests.

9) The use of the hatch is permitted. The killer can also close the door and open the gate.

10) BM is allowed within reasonable limits (squat at the gate for more than a few seconds and is

•   Rules for killers:

1) Any offerings are prohibited.

2) It is forbidden to use any game bugs.

3) Facecamp is prohibited: finding closer than 8 meters from the hook in the insidius is considered to be a facecamp.

4) For all the killers, the Enduring is prohibited. For nurses prohibited NOED.

5) Limitations on addons:

Nurse: Prohibited Torn Bookmark and addons that increase the range of the blink.

Spirit: Prohibited pink, purple, and stackable upgrades.

The Huntress: Prohibited Flower Babushka, Manna Grass Braind, Oak Haft, Bandaged Haft, Infantry Belt, Leather Loop.

The Hillbilly: Prohibited summing improvements and Thompson moonshine.

Legion: Prohibited Iridescent Button.

Shadow: Pink and purple enhancements that add to improvements are not allowed.

Wrath: All "All-Seeing" upgrades, stacking upgrades, Bamboozle and Shadowdance combination are forbidden.

Hunter: Forbidden Iridescent Stone.

Plague: Pink enhancements, all types of apples, and stacking improvements are banned.

Doctor, Clown, Hag: Forbidden pink and purple enhancements.

Pig, Nightmare: Forbidden pink improvements.

The Oni: Improvements to prolong the blood fury are prohibited.

Leather Face,The Ghost Face, Demogorgon: All improvements are allowed..

At each stage of the tournament a list of available maniacs will be determined. Teams opponents can agree in advance on the choice of a maniac, or report their choice to the organizer before the game. Killers do not necessarily have to be mirrored for both teams, unless this is further specified in the rules of the stage. The choice of the team playing the first maniac is made by mutual agreement of the teams in advance or by lot among the captains.

•   Maps:

All matches are held on the cards “Badham Preschool”, “Azarov's Resting Place”, “Campbell's Father’s Chapel”, “Wretched shop”,“Wreckers yard”, “Torment creek”, “Fractured Cowshed”, “Rotten Fields”, “Coal Tower”,“Suffocation Pit” . In other cases, the card is selected using a consecutive ban from two captains (the first man bans the maniac team).

•   Technical difficulites:

In the case of departure of the surv or the killer at the time of loading, the match will be restarted. If the error is repeated, the team either promptly searches for a replacement for the source of the bug, or is excluded. In case of an error in choosing a map, items, improvements or skills, the offender team loses 5 points for each. In case of unforeseen errors on the part of the game servers or the Internet host, the match is postponed until the troubleshooting.

•   Selection stage:

Rules for survivors: Prohibited "object of obsession." for killers correspond to common, available killers: The Ghost face, The Pig, The Cannibal

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