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Unreasonable report

ufolecufolec Member Posts: 1

I dont understand flat mind people working in psn"security"(hahahahaha). They had no basis to send me a warning but they do like in a childhood! Some kid after match with a my lose, because i only play for quest send me a message that i am a camper because i want only make a sacrifice with one no mather who person by staying by the hook and watching! I call back that i only make the quest and if i want to kill i will kill them lall ike a pig(The Pig is one of the killer name too,so staying with is the same). Some flat head send me a warning about that without possibilities to any respons! And my ask is, why in this case i can lost my account when i have 35years knowing the rules and spend a lot of money in this system from 15years without any problems!? This is a brutal game with brutal killing(3years playing this game) and i can lost my account with provoke like this? Where is the normality???Somebody have a hobby to out other people from system with nothing and this is ok!? Idont understand that and You lost many player for nothing because of that?! Better change my15years behaviour to Xbox??? Mind Yourself Psn! Kid name WILD_FRAX

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