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Rework Pig like Doctor

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If you want to change killers who are not fun to play against, this is the one to start with. Dying flat out just because of RNG is the dumbest thing I've seen. The killer can use bear traps to also tunnel harder than any other killer in the game, it's getting so bad I don't think I am going to play any match against the pig, for the duration they remain in their current state.

I want to be clear I have zero issues with any other killers in the game, even doctor's old passive was annoying but I could get through it, and I am NOT SAYING THE PIG IS OP, I UNDERSTAND THEY HAVE COUNTERPLAY but they are without a doubt the most obnoxious, unfun killer to play against in the entire game.

I just had a match a random popped a gen and activated my box, I sprint bursted to get to a box, I nailed great skill checks with resilience and went to every box I possibly could- and the trap still went off. I did them literally as fast as it could possibly be done, with the exception of the two boxes I got chased off because the killer would come back to make sure I wouldn't have a chance of getting them off.


  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 2,794

    I found playing against the Pig fun, but I get what your point is, it is always the last box.

  • A lot of the time it's none of them, it goes off before I ever get the box off because every one I try just doesn't take. Not to mention pig will use them to hardcore tunnel one person, since if they chase you off jigsaw boxes you can never get it off you WILL die and sure others may get out; but it promotes extremely toxic gameplay, and forces one of the worst RNG aspects in the game down your throat.

  • I think what doesn't help, is because it's pig people are so endearing and forgiving, of some of the most toxic gameplay there is. If pig tunnels there is nothing you can do, if a bubba face camps there is nothing you can do, both of these things need to be looked at; but at least people call out the bubba campers.

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