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Your Favorite "Slow Down Survivors' Primary Objective" Perk?

BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,818
edited January 11 in Polls

As i'm now experimenting more, i've gotten to using builds with slow-down Perks more.

Yeah, i didn't use a single "slow them down" Perk in my main build.

Anyway, i'm having pretty good results overall with these, but i can use some more input from y'all.

So let's imagine: You can't equip any of these Perks in slots 1-3, and can only equip these in slot 4. (But obviously, you can only put 1 Perk in 1 slot.)

Which Perk goes in that slot?

You might notice Overcharge & Hex: Huntress Lullaby missing.

One can only have up to 10 options in a poll.

So why those 2?

Well, they both depend on the skill of the player: If they hit the Skill Checks 100% of the time, you pretty much didn't have that Perk equipped at all.

If you love either of those Perks though, just use the "Other" option.

And of course, i'll read your comment.

Who knows, you may convince me.

P.S. I specifically say the new Hex: Ruin since i'm preparing for the future.

Unless they announce soon that it'll stay or announce a different rework, i make that Hex: Ruin the only option.

Your Favorite "Slow Down Survivors' Primary Objective" Perk? 40 votes

Blood Warden
Dying Light
TheGameZpro3 1 vote
Hex: Ruin (The New Version)
shaker 1 vote
Pop Goes The Weasel
aGoodOldRubAdelooRattmanMister_xDAcesthetiicarslaNTheLegendDyl4n1TAGGrootDudexEarabid_pygmytoxicmeggoTechnicshadow3989Brucecastro81Creepingcam1070anonymous31337EndstilleXergeQuentinBestGirl 20 votes
Remember Me
WTBacon 1 vote
FoggyDownpourFrozenMelonMyNamePeteGam1ngga5tly 4 votes
Thrilling Tremors
HoodiedMattie_MayhemOG 2 votes
Corrupt Intervention
lunaticlifterBoosted_DwightsensualsatanAhoyWolfthemirrortwinFilledPizzanimesulidebubbasbasementchestTatariu 9 votes
Awakeyandyollolloll 2 votes


  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,942

    I don't use one.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,818

    That's fine, but i still had one that i liked the most back when i didn't use any at all.

    Are all of them equally (dis)liked by you?

  • FilledPizzaFilledPizza Member Posts: 280
    Corrupt Intervention

    7 gens in a match with 4 survivors. Corrupt blocks 3, which means they have to wait to complete the last gen. This perk literally ensures the game will last at least 120 seconds.

  • sensualsatansensualsatan Member Posts: 91
    edited January 12
    Corrupt Intervention

    I mainly use Corrupt Intervention not as a slow down perk, but more to "funnel" the survivors toward me in the beginning of the match. It tends to really help me find people faster on bigger maps like Temple of Purgation or Mother's Dwelling.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,942

    Pretty much. I use perks to patch up my weaknesses, not reinforce my strengths. One ofy strengths is gen pressure.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609
    Pop Goes The Weasel

    Fun and rewards your objective, basicaly a well designed perk imo, and also the best slowdown perk imo

  • TheGameZpro3TheGameZpro3 Member Posts: 699
    Dying Light

    I don't have Plague or Clown, and I never leveled up Nurse because I'm a console player, and I heard she sucks on console.

  • andyollollollandyollolloll Member Posts: 940

    None work especially if they bring toolkits, I've been using methods to stop gen rushing and against SWF on comms it is almost impossible.

    Trying to use Billy to cover more of the map quicker but the gen is almost done by the time I fly to it, if an average win is to tunnel one survivor then face camp the last of the 3 on hook to 'win' with mistakes trying to save that survivor then I'm either playing survivor or leaving the game

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 7,416
    Pop Goes The Weasel

    Pop is reliable, if nothing else.

  • WTBaconWTBacon Member Posts: 304
    Remember Me

    I know this opinion is pretty unpopular after its nerf, but I still love Remember Me. It works passively with no effort whatsoever to increase Exit Gate opening time from 20 seconds to 36, pretty close to double.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,108
    Pop Goes The Weasel

    With the upcoming change to ruin there is little to no doubt as to which perk is the best for slowing down the game. Yes you have to walk to the gen, you have to kick it but no other perk comes close to the results you can have with pgtw.

    DL has a buff to survivors, even at 8 stacks it adds a few seconds. Thana gives also too little to make an impact even when you have the full effect. There only is pgtw if you ask me, corrupt intervention exists as well but depending on how your early game goes this perk is worth it or not.

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 9,878
    Thrilling Tremors






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