Who is your favourite original killer?



  • coolmatthew18coolmatthew18 Member Posts: 1
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    The Legion
    After reading their back story I completely love them and I believe they are the cooler looking killers. I takes a while to get used to the power though. 
  • TheluckyboiTheluckyboi Member Posts: 230
    The Trapper

    Update please

  • yoimbayoimba Member Posts: 2

    @Giddawid said:
    Let us know who you favourite original killer is!

    The Clown?? ;;;((

  • Teddyripper34Teddyripper34 Member Posts: 2
    The Hag
    Hag can be really powerful in the right hands and build.
  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 68
    The Huntress

    my still the The Huntress but Legion my #2 now you really should put them in the poll same with the clown and the spirit
    also like to say susie best Legion(green haired):) looks most crazy

  • zimerzimer Member Posts: 8
    The Huntress

    why isnt The Spirit here? :(

  • AnnasGirlAnnasGirl Member Posts: 3
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    The Huntress

    Well, looking at my name, it should be obvious :)
    Huntress is in my opinion the best killer in the game. She is human and most realistic. It's such a vivid experience playing against her. And i have to admit...I have a crush on her. This coming from a grown woman btw. I always thought crushing on fiction characters was a bit lame...and i could not see the appeal. But the Devs did a pretty good job on her!
    If you ignore the killing and nastiness, she is actually a very good looking and special woman. :)
    I secretly wish i could change her heart and stop the violence, give her the love she needs ;)

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