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please read devs a few killer ideas, thanks for your time

TerrorTrooperTerrorTrooper Member Posts: 47
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Jarogumo (half woman half spider)

Place web traps that kind of work like trapper. Alerts killer when broken (spider senses)

(freddy has snarl or pallet and teleport) So give another ability to this killer to cover engines in web that slows the engines progress while being worked on. Web can be temporary or only allow up to two webs at a time.

Perks: Draining life force: during a chase survivors start getting tired until in the exhaustion state (per level increase gain exhaustion speed)

Lady Charm: terror radius is quieter than usual as if survivors feel comfortable with you around (increase per level up to maybe 50% being max)

Know the environment: Killer gets slightly faster movement speed .1, .2, .3..

Mori can be spinning survivor in a web and then having deadly venom injected into them by a bite.

Mirror Fiend: (be your original killer)

Passive ability: leaves shattered mirror/glass trail where it walks for temporary time like 7-10 seconds, survivors don't wear shoes against this killer and make pain sounds when walking on the shattered mirror (ether iron will don't work since pain to great, OR the shattered mirror makes a crunching sound at a certain level of loudness the killer can hear). If you really wanted to the shattered mirror trail can cause some type of deep wound or bleeding status at a very small percent rate.

Main ability: could be teleport to mirrors that spawn near engines making some type of water sound effect. Survivors can temporary grab a paint bucket near the mirror and paint it. When engine is finished the mirror shatters or falls over and shatters.

Perks could be what ever. that may not be to broken. Maybe one could be faster ability cooldown

Thanks for the wonderful game dev's and hope for future content.

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