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Can we make Infectious Fright work on people in lockers again please devs?

KreatyaKreatya Member Posts: 33

Infectious Fright has been regarded as one of the best perks for skilled killers in DBD for quite a while.

Basically it has two uses. First is to slug the one on the ground to snowball. Second is to deny sneaky flashlight saves, pallet saves, head on saves and hook saves around you. In my opinion only the those experienced and skilled killers can make the best use out of this perk. It was very balanced and consistent until the Oni patch.

Since the Oni patch, Infectious Fright couldn’t make people in lockers to scream anymore. And this change was not stated in the patch note. It caused quite some confusions. This also resulted some inconsistencies of the perk and absolutely a nerf to the perk.

Infectious Fright is really a good and balanced killer perk. It was strong because of the absolute consistency. And running outside of the killer’s terror radius either before or after the scream is good enough as a counter. So please make people in locker can scream by Infectious again please. With the Ruin nerf, killers definitely has to snowball to 4K. And perks like this is absolutely essential.


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