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Adding Hair Physics back?

DjghostylibraDjghostylibra Member Posts: 25

Jane's new hairstyle gives hope for hair physics after hers since it has them and hopefully stays. But will they return for all previous hair styles that use to have them/look like they have them? Old would be Nea's Green hair since it doesn't move how it use to or Kate's. And those new pieces that make them LOOK like they have physics but don't when you move. Looking at you Yui's ponytail.

Adding Hair Physics back? 11 votes

Hope they add them back.
Salty_PearlTheLegendDyl4n1DreskiTaigatoxicmeggJDensonanonymous31337DebridgedDeadByMittensGabbieBenCoinSquire 11 votes
All hope is lost for hair physics being added back to those missing them.


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